Item Description

I have recently acquired a large stock of vintage Barbie and other dolls, but I don't know anything about them.  So, I decide to sell them in lots at low price, it's your opportunity to find the treasure that belongs to you. Please click my store category "Barbie and other dolls" to see all the dolls that are sold either in auction or fixed-price. I will try my best to describe them, but there might be chances that I overlook some details. If that happens, please contact me and ask me question first. Thanks!
up for sale
A 12" Barbie doll made by Mattel, the doll is in excellent used condition.  It's head marked 1976. She has long hair, which might needs combing. She has bent arms. What's unique about the doll is that she wears multicolor accessories to go with her outfits. One of the earrings is red, and the other is yellow, and her ring is silver.