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Art Print Vintage photo large format Guglielmo Pluschow 1852-1930 Male's gay nude model 1900s
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Wilhelm von Plüschow portrayed by his cousin Wilhelm von Gloeden (c. 1890).Guglielmo Plüschow (born Wilhelm Plüschow; August 18, 1852 – January 3, 1930), was a German photographer who moved to Italy and became known for his nude photos of local youths, predominantly males (but also females). Being the cousin of Wilhelm von Gloeden, who, despite taking up nude photography later than Plüschow, soon overshadowed him, Plüschow was several times at odds with the law and charged with corruption of minors. Today, his photography is recognized for its artistic merits, even though it is generally considered somewhat inferior to von Gloeden's on account of his less graceful handling of lighting and the sometimes strangely stilted poses of his models.
Wilhelm von Pluschow - Vincenzo Galdi, Posillipo (Napoli), 1890 ca.[edit] BiographyNot much is known about Plüschow's early life, except that he was born in Wismar as the eldest of seven brothers and sisters. His father Friedrich Carl Eduard Plüschow was an illegitimate child of Frederick Louis, Hereditary Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and the family home was Schloss Plüschow.
In the early 1870s, he moved to Rome and changed his first name from "Wilhelm" to its Italian equivalent "Guglielmo". Initially making a living as a wine merchant, he soon turned to male and female nude photography. Later he also worked in Naples.
One of Plüschow's more famous models was Vincenzo Galdi (pictured left), who was probably one of Plüschow's lovers. Galdi later became a photographer in his own right, as well as an art gallery owner.
In 1902, Plüschow, who was gay like von Gloeden,[1] was charged with "common procuration" and "seduction of minors" and had to spend eight months in jail[citation needed]. Another scandal followed in 1907, and in 1910 Plüschow left Italy for good and returned to Berlin
Currently, our collection of over 600 works of authorship.Our collection is constantly updated acquisition of unknown works of both authors and their contemporaries.All works are restored to their original appearance and retouched.Many of the negatives of the authors (according to various estimates - up to 2,500 negatives) were destroyed by the authorities of fascist Italy during World War II.
There is some confusion in the classification of work lboih photographers.This is due to the lack of many negatives and destroyed nearly 75 years of complete silence of their creativity. Often the work is defined as Pluskhov with von Gloeden - and vice versa. Both were close relatives, worked in one country (Italy), and both - in the general topics, often using the same or similar models.