Item Information
Brand Davol
Color Red
Condition New
Model 527
Size 2 Oz
Type Ear / Irrigation Syringe
Estimated Shipping 1 - 3 Days
Item Description
I Offer You, For Sale ... ONE Brand New, Factory Fresh DAVOL 2 (TWO) OUNCE CAPACITY BULB / IRRIGATION / EAR SYRINGE / NASAL ASPIRATOR. This Bulb Syringe can be Used for Irrigation, Aspiration, and as well as to apply Gentle Suction. This is a rare and hard to find item. Can be used for Children, Pets, and Animals.

For over three generations, families have felt secure with Davol's, properly designed and carefully made, family care items.

With the Davol Ear Syringe you can deliver a steady stream of water exactly where you want it. If you own several syringes, you can use one for gently rinsing out ear wax build-up and use the other as a tool around your house for cleaning hard to reach places or in your garage or workshop. Get creative and you will be amazed at how often you will use this Davol Syringe.

- Product: Irrigation / Aspiration / Ear / Nasal Bulb Syringe
- Manufacturer: Genuine Davol
- Model Number: Red 527
- Condition: Brand New. Bulk Packaged.
- Quantity: 1 (One)
- Liquid Capacity: 2 Ounces or 59.15 cc's
- Nozzle Length: 2 inches
- Gently Rinse Out Ear Wax
- Can be Used for Adults or Children
- Excellent for Veterinary Use with Animals ... Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, Etc.
- Easy to Handle. Comfortable to Grip.
- Made of Soft Vinyl
- Can be Used for Nasal Aspiration
- Can be Used to Clean Hard to Reach Spaces Around Your Home or Workshop
- Can be Used as a Water Pick Device for Oral Hygiene
- Davol is Made in the United States
- USA Seller. Ships Fast from the USA.
- FREE Shipping within the United States. Discounted Shipping Worldwide.

Please note that, even though there are three syringes shown in the picture, this listing is for, and you will be receiving, only 1 (One) Davol Bulb Syringe.