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This is a vintage DVD featuring two college jocks wrestling. I
would date it back to the 1980’s. It was originally shot with
a camcorder and sold on VHS tape, but has since been transferred to
DVD. It was originally produced by Dan Kelly of Pennsylvania, who
used local guys for his wrestling videos. His company used to be
called: “DAK Wrestling“, but has long since gone
out-of-business. His tapes are now elusive, and seldom seen on the
market This item was originally called “DAK #29”.
The two guys in this video, both wrestle in skimpy underwear.
They wrestle in an empty room, on a foam mattress. They are both
muscular and smooth-skinned. The guy with the blonde crew-cut seems
to be the aggressor of the two, although the other guy gets in some
good moves, too. Lots of different holds used: headlocks, body
scissors, headscissors, full nelsons, armlocks, etc. The guys
wrestle to multiple submissions, and there is a lot of muscle
flexing in between. The guys appear to be straight and the
competition real and intense. The DVD contains no sex or
The DVD runs about 1 hour. The image quality definitely
dates itself. It is very viewable and enjoyable, but does not have
the crystal-clear quality you see in today’s productions.
Considering the age of this footage, it is very well-preserved.