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This is a brand new "vintage" Chinese Chess set.  The playing pieces are made of wood and are coloured with dye in "red" and "dark green" (look like "black" colour). 
The chess board is actually not a "board", but a fine piece of printed paper in high gloss
.  It is normally folded and is kept nicely inside the chess box.  Simply unfold it, put the playing pieces onto their start position and the game is ready to go in two minutes.  The paper "chessboard" is more durable than a normal piece of paper and you may expect it to stay in good condition for the first 30-50 times of use, when it is being folded and unfolded.  After that, there will be signs of wear and tear.  Eventually, you will tape the back of paper chessboard along its folding lines to mark its history!
You may expect to see natural "cracks" in some of the playing pieces.  The Chinese characters on the chessmen belong to the penmanship of the 60s.  Upon close observations, you may find a number of subtle differences between the Chinese characters of these chessmen with those of the modern made chess sets. 
The fabrication techniques of the 70s has been maintained in the production of this chess set, as evidenced by the imperfect dye, the slight variations between the chess pieces, and the primitive hand made paper chess box.  The printing on the chess box is the original design and print of the 70s, with a flying horse above the clouds.  This is the same product as the one sold 35 years ago.  If you ask me to tell the difference, the only difference I can tell is the material of the paper chess box: it is made of a thicker type of cardboard paper in the past.
As time goes by, this chess set is now a hard-to-find product.  My guess is that it will not for long before the production of this chess set shall be replaced by a more modern, cost effective production process.  By that time you will expect to have a standardized product with increased durability, just like the many other Chinese Chess products in the market.  You will, however, miss the old-fashioned style and the individual identity of this product, since every chess set of this product differs a little with the other one.
If you are a serious collector of chess, this may just be an item to add to your collections.

The roots of Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) dated back to more than 1,400 years ago in the Northern Zhou Dynasty (40 years earlier than the famous Tang Dynasty in China).  Through the years the game evolved gradually.  By the 12th century AD, the game was stabilized to become the modern day Xiangqi.  Several complete sets of copper Xiangqi chess pieces in the period of 12th century AD have been unearthed.  Two incomplete wooden sets were found in Fujian Province, China in 1974.  They belonged to the period of the 13th century.

Dimensions of paper chess board      : 12.5" (L) x 10" (W) (320mm x 254mm)
Dimensions of playing pieces            : 15/16" (23mm) in diameter; 5/16" (8mm) in thickness
Dimensions of chess set in box          : 4" x 4" x 6/8" (100mm x 100mm x 19mm)
Weight of chess set in box                : approx. 3 oz. (about 80g)
Playing pieces                                  : 16 pieces in red; another 16 pieces in dark green / black
Packing                                           : Dispatch in padded envelope

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