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An amazing compilation of 22 of the Classic / Vintage Cartoons from the around the late 30's to the late 40's. It has it all  - Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Casper, Mighty mouse, Popeye, Betty Boop, Woody Woodpecker, little Audry, Mother Goose, the Talking Magpies and much much more. Its the cartoons we grew up with and grew to love.






 Seperated into 22 titles for your ease and convenience with an interactive DVD menu




Bugs Bunny: Falling Hare (1943)

Bugs Bunny goes to a military base where he meets up with a mischievous gremlin who gets the better of him.

Woody Woodpecker in Pantry Panic(1940s)

Weatherby Groundhog predicts a cold winter and advises all the birds to fly south. But Woody Woodpecker decides to stay, and nearly starves.

Porky's Matinee (1941)

Porky Pig unwittingly lets loose a trained, mischievous African Pigmy Ant backstage

Caspar The Friendly Ghost in There's Good Boos Tonight (1948)

Caspar makes friends with a little fox.

Mighty Mouse: Wolf! Wolf! (1940s)

Little Bo Peep and her free-range sheep are threatened when Wily and Jazzy wolves attempt to capture them. But Mighty Mouse saves the day.

Popeye The Sailor Man: Ancient Fantasy (1952)

A Cinderella like tale in which Olive is the princess and Popeye is the prince. Bluto is the shopowner brute who bullies Olive, only to get taught a lesson by a buff, spinach-eating Prince Popeye.

Little Audry: Goofy Goofy Gander (1950)

Little Audrey, in the schoolroom, is sent to the corner stool to memorize Mother Goose rhymes. She falls asleep and dreams that she gets a tour of Mother Goose Land by Mother Goose herself.

The Big Bad Wolf

Little Boy Blue and Scarecrow sing and dance, Little Bo Peep and her sheep join in. Black Sheep cries "wolf", which causes problems when a real wolf shows up.

Mother Goose: Little Miss Muffet

An animated version of the Mother Goose Story of Little Miss Muffet, using what is called "3 dimensional" animation.

The Cobweb Hotel (1936)

Newly-wed flies go to stay at the Cobweb Hotel which is run by a hungry spider.

Bugs Bunny: Fresh Hare (1942)

Bugs Bunny is wanted "dead or alive" by the Mounted Police, led by Elmer Fudd.

Betty Boop: The Old Man Of The Mountain (1933)

A classic Betty Boop Cartoon full of energy and imagination!

Noveltoon: The Stupidstitious Cat (1946)

A very superstitious cat tries to catch Buzzy for breakfast but Buzzy outsmarts him.

Noveltoon: Naughty But Mice (1947)

City mouse Herman helps country mice get rid of the big bad cat.

The Talking Magpies (1946)

Mr. and Mrs. Magpie find a new place to live and prove to be very bad neighbors.

Felix the Cat: The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg (1936)

Felix's goose, who lays golden eggs, is goose-napped by none other than Captain Kidd. Felix saves the day. A nice swashbuckling cartoon.

Little Lulu: Bargain Counter Attack (1946)

Little Lulu wreaks havoc in a city department store. Animation by Nick Tafuri, John Walworth and Tom Golden.

The Three Stooges: Dinopoodi

The Three Stooges win a prize from a pet shop, a very large and ugly beastie.

Hector's Hectic Life (1948)

A messy family dog is told by its owner that it will be thrown out in the cold, after three puppies show up on the doorstep, complicating the dog's life.

Merrie Melodies: A Day At The Zoo (1939)

Cartoon characters spend a silly day at the Kalama Zoo.

The Early Worm Gets The Bird (1939)

A determined bird goes out early to hunt for a worm and the bird gets into trouble.

Gabby: All's Well (1941)

Gabby tries to put a diaper on a cranky baby


DVD is shipped in a sleek slim jewel case with a label thats directed printed on to the DVD. (Adhesive DVD labels that other people stick on can cause major read errors as well as overheating problems)  



This is a DVD R compilation. It works on virtually any dvd player. But best of all - It is Guaranteed to work with your DVD player or your money back!! INCLUDING SHIPPING!


We also have a satisfaction guarantee, If you are not satisfied in ANY WAY whatsoever, we will refund your money including shipping.


This is an NTSC region-free dvd, so it will work anywhere in the world that allows for the NTSC picture!


This is a high DVD quality transfer, but expect to find minor imperfections due to the old nature of the orginal material.  


Note: Our compilation and design are copyrighted by Timeless Media. No copyright law was infringed in the making of this DVD.



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