Item Description
Hello please feel free to ask me any
questions about any items or any DVDs. Even scenes or episodes you
may be looking for that are not posted. These 2 DVD's are from
Viki's 1990 stroke storyline. The quality of the footage is great.
I also have DVDs 1 & 2.
DVD 3 (Length:3hrs 1 min)
Clint (Clint Ritchie) & Viki (Erika
Slezak) comforts Megan (Jessica Tuck) after she watches
as Jake (Joe Lando) marry Charlotte Hesser (Audrey Landers).
Bo, Megan, Alex listens in horror as Sarah's (Jensen Buchanan)
plane crashes and she presumed dead. Viki gets the bad news. Megan
takes Sarah's death hard; Jake comforts her. Sarah's
funeral. Viki works with Sheila Price (Valarie
Pettiford) and tries very hard to prepare herself to walk Tina
down the isle for her wedding. Tina (Karen Witter) steals
Asa's (Phill Carey) gun and goes to Johnny Dee's (Anthony
Crivello) room to shoot him but Cord (John
Loprenio) & Carlo (Thom Christopher) stops
her. Viki is injured while trying to stop Fred Porter (David
Purdham) escape from Bo & Alex (Tonjia Walker).
Gabrielle dreams Viki gives her Llanfair. Tina's bridle
shower. Niki still pops out of Viki's head trying to get her
to let her walk for her. Johnny is still acting obsessed with Tina.
Tina & Cord's Wedding begins
DVD 4 (Length:3 hrs 1 min) Niki Shoots & Kills
Johnny Dee Hesser
All of Tina's bridesmaids are getting dressed and
ready for the wedding. Johnny and his cronies crash Tina &
Cord's wedding and tries to kidnap Tina, but Jake dashes in
and saves Tina. When a huge fight in the church break
out, Cord is shot and Johnny leaves. Tina & Cord
tries to remarry at Llanfair, until Asa arrives and
interrupts the wedding with test results stating that Cord is not
the father to Tina's unborn baby. Cord cancels the wedding
with Tina. The next day Johnny breaks into Llanfair and tires
to kidnap Tina, until Niki Smith finally emerges, climb the stairs
of Llanfair and shoots Johnny dead. Gabriel arrives at Llanfair,
finds Johnny dead and steals a tape. This DVD ends with Rafe
telling Carlo Johnny D is dead. Gabrielle & Julia listens to
the tape she stole from Llanfair.