Item Description
Super Bark Stop by Viatek  

The Viatek Ionic Bulb Air Freshening CFL Light Bulb is an energy saving compact flourescent light bulb (CFL), that combines ionic air cleaning with a 10,000 hour fluorescent light bulb. The amazing light bulb that cleans the air while it lights up your room! The Ionic Bulb works by emitting powerful pollution fighting ions. These ions attach themselves to pollutants and drop them to the floor where they can easily be vacuumed. Smoke and nasty odors are neutralized. The Ionic Fresh Bulb uses only 23 Watts to power a 75 Watt lamp

  • Brand New
  • Manufacturer: Viatek
  • 1 bulb covers approx. 100-square-feet
  • 23 Watt, 120V, 60 HZ, 2700 K
  • Measures approx. 5.5" x 2.5"