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Wow! An unbelievably super rare find of a lost 70's cult
drive-in movie.. Just check out what "" says
about the film being completely lost and hasn't turned up anywhere
since it's original 1978 showing.. This is a classic seventies high
school/partying/disco flick about a baseball player (SUPER-fine
good looking Lane Caudell !!) who can't decide what he wants
to do in the future with his life. So, in the meantime, while he is
thinking on it, there's partying, girl-chasing, dope-smokin',
beer-bashin', disco dancing (watch out for Lane and his chick
doing, 'The Bump"- ha ha, remember that dance?!) and Chevy Van
cruising to do! Guys with thick long feathered hair and girls in
tight ass bellbottom jeans (with the funny looking 'snap')..
Excellent acting throughout and a very good movie with a surprise
"deep thought" ending. William Windom (great actor) plays the
father of the high school jock baseball player & the
beautiful Julie Adams plays his wife & Lane's mom. Lane
Caudell is fantastic and utterly irresistible in the lead
role of the handsome baseball player and does all of the wonderful
disco pop music you hear in the film.. There are some *very* catchy
pop tunes you will be humming for days, think something like
Pilot's Magic & you are halfway there..Excellent soundtrack to
top everything off! Forget about rip-off films like "Dazed and
Confused" & other copycat films that try to be vintage,
GOODBYE, FRANKLIN HIGH is the real-deal baybee! Let's Boogie! Below
you will find a review from a fan of the movie that remembered
seeing GOODBYE, FRANKLIN HIGH at his local drive-in. Fun stuff!
Don't miss this classic ultra-kool-RARITY!! The movie comes on a
Region 0 (All-Regions) high grade dvd/dvd-r.. Quality is an 8 out
of 10 which is very good for something this hideously rare..Check
out my screencaps/pictures from the print..OK, now for the other
fan review of the film:
"This hasn't been probably seen since the late 1970s
when it was on a UHF station; a "lost" film that was never on VHS
or never on DVD. It's definitely a period piece via the 1970s
fashions, music, big cars, etc. However it's a thoughtful, low-key,
well-scored, sometimes funny drama of a teen (Lane Caudell), about
to graduate from high school, and unsure of his future. He might
pursue a baseball career, go to college or join the military: his
best friend (Darby Hinton) and girlfriend (Ann Dusenberry) help
him. His father (the excellent William Windom) is also having
severe health problems. There's a surprising, unexpected revelation
toward the end regarding his mother (well-played by Julie Adams)
that triggers conflict. Small budget only enhances the film's
likability, young stars are nearly as good as the veteran actors.
See it, if you can"