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THE ULTIMATE "VARIETY"  DIGITAL COMIC COLLECTION!! 160 "DIGITAL"  COMIC BOOKS ON 1 DVD-ROM   In this collection we have included a wide variety of golden age digital comics from 50 (more or less) different lesser known publishers. 160 comic issues included.  Enjoy these Comic Books from yesteryear. Most are complete including ads, etc. *BEWARE OF PURCHASING THESE ANYWHERE ELSE! THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!* WE HAVE SPENT THOUSANDS OF HOURS RESTORING, RE-MASTERING & RE-DIGITIZING OUR MATERIALS TO GIVE YOU THE BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE. YOU WILL NOT FIND THIS QUALITY ANYWHERE ELSE. WE HAVE CORRECT FORMATS & FILE NAMES AND FREE COMIC VIEWING SOFTWARE FOR PC OR MAC. HERE IS THE FULL LIST OF THE DIGITAL COMICS THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE ADVENTURES OF JO JOY AFTER DARK 008 ALASKA BUSH PILOT 1 AMAZING ANIMALS 17 AMERICAN AIR FORCES 04 ATOMIC BOMB 01 ATOMIC THUNDERBOLT 1 BANG UP COMICS 01 BEANIE THE MEANIE 3 BEST SELLER COMICS 1 BEWARE 06 BEWARE 10 BEWARE 14 BIG TOP COMICS 001 BLACK KNIGHT 001 BUFFALO BILL 9 CAMERA COMICS V2 03 CAPTAIN FLASH 3 CAPTAIN SCIENCE 01 CAPTAIN TOOTSIE 2 CHALLENGER 3 CONQUEROR COMICS 001 COSMO CAT 002 COURAGE 77 CROWN COMICS 002 CROWN COMICS 003 CROWN COMICS 011 CURTIS MEDAL OF HONOR COMICS 001 DANGER IS OUR BUSINESS 1 DANGER IS OUR BUSINESS 2 DANGER IS OUR BUSINESS 3 DANGER IS OUR BUSINESS 9 DARING ADVENTURES 009 DARING CONFESSIONS 008 DARING LOVE 001 DARK MYSTERIES 006 DARK MYSTERIES 007 DARK MYSTERIES 019 DARLING LOVE 008 DEAR LONELY HEART 001 DEAR LONELY HEARTS 006 DON FORTUNE 1 DON FORTUNE 4 DON FORTUNE 6 DREAM OF LOVE 001 DREAM OF LOVE 008 DREAM OF LOVE 009 EERIE 009 FAMOUS AUTHORS ILLUSTRATED 006 FAMOUS AUTHORS ILLUSTRATED 01 FAMOUS AUTHORS ILLUSTRATED 010 FAMOUS AUTHORS ILLUSTRATED 08 FAMOUS AUTHORS ILLUSTRATED 09 FAMOUS AUTHORS ILLUSTRATED 11 FAMOUS AUTHORS ILLUSTRATED 12 FANTASTIC 008 FANTASTIC TALES 001 FANTAX 01 FEATURE BOOK 029 FIGHT AGAINST THE GUILTY 022 FLYING MODELS 1 FUTURE WORLD GOLD MEDAL COMICS GREAT ACTION COMICS 001 HANK HE MAN 001 HILITE 1 HOLLYWOOD SECRETS OF ROMANCE 009 HORROR FROM THE TOMB 01 INDIAN FIGHTER 03 INFORMER 1 JEEP COMICS 02 JEREMIAH SADDLEBAGS JOHN WAYNE ADVENTURE COMICS 15 JON JUAN 1 JUDO JOE 003 JUNIE PROM 007 KEY COMICS 1 KEY COMICS 3 KEY COMICS 5 KIDDIE KAPERS 1 KO KOMICS 001 LATEST COMICS 2 LIBERTY 14 LIBERTY COMICS 10 LIL MENACE 2 LITTLE GROUCHO 001 LOVE AND MARRIAGE 002 LUCKY 7 001 MAGIC COMICS 15 MAGIC COMICS 26 MARCH OF COMICS 047 MARCH OF COMICS 190 MISTER MYSTERY 007 MISTER MYSTERY 015 MODEL FUN MONTY HALL 03 MONTY HALL 04 MYSTERIOUS ADVENTURES 019 PALS V2 08 PAWNEE BILL 003 PERFECT CRIME 012 PERFECT CRIME 020 PERFECT CRIME 030 PICTURE NEWS 004 PICTURE NEWS 009 PICTURE PROGRESS V3 2 POLICE TRAP 011 POPPO OF THE POPCORN THEATER 02 POPPO OF THE POPCORN THEATER 03 POPPO OF THE POPCORN THEATER 06 POPPO OF THE POPCORN THEATER 07 POPPO OF THE POPCORN THEATRE 01 POPPO OF THE POPCORN THEATRE 05 POPPO OF THE POPCORN THEATRE 08 POPPO OF THE POPCORN THEATRE 10 POPPO OF THE POPCORN THEATRE 11 PURPLE CLAW RETURN OF THE OUTLAW 03 ROLY POLY 01 ROMANTIC HEARTS 008 ROMANTIC HEARTS 02 SEVEN SEAS COMICS 01 SEVEN SEAS COMICS 02 SEVEN SEAS COMICS 06 SHIP AHOY 01 SLAPSTICK 01 SPACE MYSTERIES 09 STEVIE STRANGE MYSTERIES 12 STRANGE MYSTERIES 14 STRANGE PLANETS 09 SUPER BRAT 002 SUPER BRAT 004 SUPER BRAT 007 SUPERIOR STORIES 02 SUPERWORLD 03 SWAT MALONE TAFFY COMICS 01 TALLY HO COMICS TELL IT TO THE MARINES 08 TENSE SUSPENSE 01 TOP ADVENTURE 02 TOPS COMICS TOPS JACK OF SPADES TOPSY TURVY 01 TORMENTED 001 TRIPLE THREAT COMICS 01 WANTED 48 WEIRD ADVENTURES 001 WEIRD MYSTERIES 002 WEIRD TALES OF THE FUTURE 002 WEIRD TALES OF THE FUTURE 004 WEIRD TALES OF THE FUTURE 006 WILD WESTERN ROUNDUP 1 WITTY COMICS 001 WITTY COMICS 002 WOOLWORTHS HAPPY TIME CHRISTMAS BOOK 1952 WORLDS GREATEST STORIES 01 XVENTURE YOU ARE BIDDING ON A 1 DVD DISK SET WITH 160 DIGITAL COMIC ON THEM. THEY ARE VIEWABLE ON YOUR COMPUTER WITH THE INCLUDED COMIC VIEWING SOFTWARE. YOU CAN PRINT OUT PAGES OR READ ON THE COMPUTER. THE BEST PART IS THEY NEVER WEAR OUT. GREAT FOR THE KIDS, AND EVEN HELPS THEM READ! Windows System Requirements: * Intel Pentium Processor * Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/VISTA * 32MB RAM * DVD-DRIVE    MAC System Requirements: * MAC OS X v.10.2.8 or 10.3 * 32MB RAM * DVD-DRIVE DISK or DISKS COME NO FRILLS. THEY'RE JUST A SET OF PLAIN DISK OR DISKS IN A PAPER SLEEVE WITH ULTIMATE QUALITY CONTENT. THEY WILL PLAY ON A COMPUTER WITH THE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS AS STATED ABOVE. ALL COMICS ARE IN A DIGITIZED FORMAT. YOU ARE NOT RECEIVING PHYSICAL PAPER COPIES. We urge you to compare anywhere else. We have the highest quality at the lowest cost. Disks come no frills in paper sleeve. We ship USPS First Class Mail usually within 24 hours of cleared payment in Padded Envelopes for Maximum Protection. All material has been extensively researched with the copyright office and all materials have been determined to be in the public domain. No copyrights are infringed. If applicable, characters are trademarks of their respective owners and are only used for descriptive purposes as allowed by fair use law to describe product being sold. Seller has no affiliation with any publishers of the original materials nor trademark owners and no affiliation is intended or implied. The Ultimate VARIETY COMICS COLLECTION DISK SET is copyright 1993-2008 and may not be reproduced, copied or resold under any circumstances. Auction or Sales Policy:: Your bid or purchase is a contract - Place a bid only if you're serious about buying the item. If you are the winning bidder, you will enter into a legally binding contract to purchase the item. If the seller is unable to establish contact with the winning bidder within 3 days of the end of the auction or if payment is not received within 5 days, item may be offered to the next highest bidder or relisted at the sellers sole discretion. Shipping Details: Shipment will be made by USPS FIRST CLASS Mail with Delivery Confirmation. Orders are generally shipped on the day after full payment. We sell and ship domestic (USA) only. WE DO NOT SHIP TO ALTERNATE ADDRESSES WHEN PAYING WITH PAYPAL. Payment Details: Paypal and. Returns: Due to the nature of the media being auctioned there are no refunds given of any kind. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. In the unlikely event of defective disk, disk may be returned for exchange only. DISK MUST BE RETURNED WITHIN 7 DAYS OF RECEIPT FOR EXCHANGE. Shipping and handling fees are not refundable. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs incurred shipping products back. Contact: The winner will receive an "End of Auction" email or payment instructions. 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