Item Description
Size: 30 * 12.9 * 3 Tiling: CM folding back: 12 * 11 * 3CM
Volume: 480ML; 16OZ
Net weight: 30 gram.
Material: Ultra-durable BPA-free polymer
Package including: 10 pcs

The 0 movement of nozzle design, single hand can open the water cup lid. Use for riding.
1.Ultra-durable BPA-free polymer made BPA free, safe and reliable.
2 folding design, storage after ultra small size, can be put into the pocket of jeans.
3 after irrigation can be upright, with the ordinary kettle is.
4 small design, ease of movement when drinking water.
5 fit into cold water or ice ( ice do use please don't be pitcher ).
6 with a marking area, can sign your name, prevent mistake.
7 can be used repeatedly, give a fast hanging, easy to carry.
Attachment: a buckle, a piece of card
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