Item Description

This is the first time this movie is available for DVD in the US, recently transferred to dvd from the film's original master.

"In the tradition of such films as Evil Dead 2!"


Synopsis: In this slickly produced horror feature, all is not what it seems. As darkness sweeps across the Big Apple, Ivan and Harry begin their night patrol. Their mission: to investigate a particularly gruesome case. But tonight they will confront an EVIL so powerful they will need more than guns to survive.

What should have been a simple operation becomes complicated by the appearance of Kirsten and her party-hopping girlfriends who've unwittingly opened the gateway to Hell. As they try to figure out their next move, they must confront giant mutant rats, monstrous insectile creatures, and a demon in their midst. Not only do they have to escape, they must figure out what these hellspawn are up to next. The clock is running out and no one knows who will make it out alive -- or DEAD!

Featuring Wendy Bednarz (THERE'S NOTHING OUT THERE), Rick Poli (TWISTED TALES) and Mick McCleery (THE KILLING OF BOBBY GREEN).