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This is a HUGE Collection for any fan of VAMPIRELLA,VAMPI Comics. There are 294 comics on 3 DVDs in cbr,cbz format ( this is the standard format for digital magazines and comics). I have included the software at no charge to view the cbr and cbz files on your PC, Mac or other viewing device. These are high quality scans.

If you are not familiar with files in comic format do a Google search for "Comical". Comical and Comicrack are the programs I provide to view these files. They are free to download yourself online.

These have been edited for clarity and are the best quality you will find in a digital collection.

Check out the contents below and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

THESE ARE NOT THE ACTUAL PAPER COPIES but high quality scans of the originals. The photos in this ad are from the actual files in this collection. I have also posted some from INSIDE the issues as well so that you may see the true quality of these DVDs.

I ship domestic and international by First Class Mail. I ship the next business day after receiving payment.


VAMPIRELLA Harris Comics ISSUES 00 - 22

Also The issues listed below:

Vampirella 18(c2c)(5 covers)(2012).cbr
Vampirella Vs. Dracula 5(c2c)(2012).cbr
Vampirella 15(c2c)(5 covers)(2012).cbr
Vampirella 16(c2c)(5 covers)(2012).cbr
Vampirella 13(c2c)(4 covers)(2011).cbr
Vampirella Vs. Dracula 2(c2c)(2012).cbr
Vampirella 14(c2c)(5 covers)(2011).cbr
Vampirella Vs. Dracula 4(c2c)(2012).cbr
Vampirella 17(c2c)(4 covers)(2012).cbr
Vampirella vs. Dracula 003 (2012).cbr
Vampirella Red Room 1(c2c)(3 covers)(2012).cbr

Vampirella Quarterly Spring 2008.cbr
Vampirella Quarterly Summer 001.cbr
Vampirella Quarterly Summer 2008.cbr
Vampirella Quarterly Winter 001.cbr
Catwoman & Vampirella-The Furies.cbr
Lady Death vs Vampirella I - Dark Hearts.cbr
Lady Death vs Vampirella II - Uncommon Ground.cbr
Magdalena & Vampirella 001.cbr
Magdalena & Vampirella 002.cbr
Pantha vs Vampirella-Faster Pussycat, Kill , Kill.cbr
Preview-Queens of Halloween (Witchblade, Lady Death,
Preview-Vampirella-Dracula & Pantha Showcase.cbr
Purgatori vs Vampirella.cbr
Shadowhawk & Vampirella-Creatures Of The Night 001.cbr
Shadowhawk & Vampirella-Creatures Of The Night 002.cbr
Shi & Vampirella.cbr
Sword of Dracula-Vampirella-Extended And Dangerous 001.cbr
The Darkness & Vampirella.cbr
Vampirella & Witchblade-Union of the Damned.cbr
Vampirella & Dracula-The Centennial.cbr
Vampirella & Painkiller Jane.cbr
Vampirella & Shi.cbr
Vampirella & Wetworks 001.cbr
Vampirella & Witchblade-Brooklyn Bounce.cbr
Vampirella & Witchblade-The Feast.cbr
Vampirella 001 (Commemorative Edition).cbr
Vampirella Comics Magazine 001.cbr
Vampirella Comics Magazine 002.cbr
Vampirella Comics Magazine 003.cbr
Vampirella Comics Magazine 005.cbr
Vampirella Comics Magazine 006.cbr
Vampirella Comics Magazine 009.cbr
Vampirella Lady Death 001.cbr
Vampirella Quarterly Fall 001.cbr
Vampirella Quarterly Halloween 2008.cbr
Vampirella Quarterly Spring 001.cbr

Vengeance Of Vampirella 020.cbr
Vengeance Of Vampirella 021.cbr
Vengeance Of Vampirella 022.cbr
Vengeance Of Vampirella 023.cbr
Vengeance Of Vampirella 024.cbr
Vengeance Of Vampirella 025.cbr
Vengeance of Vampirella Wizard Mini.cbr
Vengeance of Vampirella-Mystery Walk.cbr
Wetworks & Vampirella 001.cbr
Witchblade & Magdalena & Vampirella-Convergence.cbr
Vampirella vs Hemorrhage 001.cbr
Vampirella Zero.cbr
Vampirella-25th Anniversary Special.cbr
Vampirella-Blood Lust 001.cbr
Vampirella-Blood Lust 002.cbr
Vampirella-Classic 001.cbr
Vampirella-Death & Destruction 001.cbr
Vampirella-Death & Destruction 002.cbr
Vampirella-Death & Destruction 003.cbr
Vampirella-Death & Destruction Ashcan.cbr
Vampirella-Halloween Special 2006.cbr
Vampirella-Halloween Trick and Treat.cbr
Vampirella-Intimate Visions 001.cbr
Vampirella-Lives 001.cbr
Vampirella-Lives 002.cbr
Vampirella-Lives 003.cbr
Vampirella-Morning In America TPB.cbr
Vampirella-Revelations 000.cbr
Vampirella-Revelations 001.cbr
Vampirella-Revelations 002.cbr
Vampirella-Revelations 003.cbr
Vampirella-Revelations Book II Prototype Ed.cbr
Vampirella-Sad Wings Of Destiny.cbr
Vampirella-Strikes 001.cbr
Vampirella-Strikes 002.cbr
Vampirella-Strikes 003.cbr
Vampirella-Strikes 004.cbr
Vampirella-Strikes 005.cbr
Vampirella-Strikes 006.cbr
Vampirella-Strikes 007.cbr
Vampirella-Strikes Annual 001.cbr
Vampirella-The Second Coming 001.cbr
Vampirella-The Second Coming 002.cbr
Vampirella-The Second Coming 003.cbr
Vampirella-The Second Coming 004.cbr
Vengeance of Vampirella 0½.cbr
Vengeance Of Vampirella 001.cbr
Vengeance Of Vampirella 002.cbr
Vengeance Of Vampirella 003.cbr
Vengeance Of Vampirella 004.cbr
Vengeance Of Vampirella 005.cbr
Vengeance Of Vampirella 006.cbr
Vengeance Of Vampirella 007.cbr
Vengeance Of Vampirella 008.cbr
Vengeance Of Vampirella 009.cbr
Vengeance Of Vampirella 010.cbr
Vengeance Of Vampirella 011.cbr
Vengeance Of Vampirella 012.cbr
Vengeance Of Vampirella 013.cbr
Vengeance Of Vampirella 014.cbr
Vengeance Of Vampirella 015.cbr
Vengeance Of Vampirella 016.cbr
Vengeance Of Vampirella 017.cbr
Vengeance Of Vampirella 018.cbr
Vengeance Of Vampirella 019.cbr
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