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VALLEY OF MYSTERY - 1967 LOST FLIGHT - 1969 Double Bill


VALLEY OF MYSTERY - A commercial airliner crashes in a remote South American jungle. The survivors include a big game hunter, a washed up comic, a mentally ill woman, a lawman and his killer prisoner. Needless to say the locals are not above a little bit of human sacrifice. Early tv movie that was planned to be the pilot film for a series. Sound like LOST? The cast is made up of Peter Graves, Lois Nettleton, Julie Adams, Alfred Ryder and a 14th billed Leonord Nimoy. Quality is 8.5 LOST FLIGHT - The makers of the tv series "LOST" must have seen this one. An airliner is flying from the States to Sydney Australia when it loses an engine during a storm. The storm then them 2000 miles off course. They crash on the beach of a deserted island. Lloyd Bridges is the pilot who must get the survivors to work together. They have a pregnant woman, a doctor, an ex-soldier and so on. Sound like "LOST"? Check out all the great reviews on IMDB. Quality on this one is lesser at about  7-7.5 .  Slightly better upgrade on this one as of Feb- 4 - 08      These items are available as a dvdr. MAKE SURE that your dvd player will accept dvd-r, dvd+r discs. There are no refunds but will promptly replace any defective disc. These items comes in a case with artwork. Shipping to anywhere in North America is $4.25. Check with the seller about overseas rates. Money orders MUST be the international type from the post office