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Outside - 1972)
- Here’s an
ultra-rare slice of Italian sexploitation from director Brunello
Rondi starring many of the same cast members from his later
classic, MASTER OF LOVE. Barbara Bouchet, Barbara Betti, Rosemarie
Lindt and Erna Schurer take turns disrobing for the camera’s
loving lense. In this erotic thriller, Bouchet stars as the
frustrated wife of a world-renowned choreographer who refuses to
have sex with her for fear of getter her pregnant. She wants one;
he doesn’t. She ends up in an asylum full of intense
characters, played by Betti, Lindt and Schurer. With more nudity
than could possibly make sense in the context of the plot, this
lost classic of Eurosploitation will satisfy fans of the genre and
the four leading ladies. Hard to find in any format, we’re
proud to be able to offer the original 88-minute Italian-language
version in its entirety in a decent VHS-quality full screen
Language: Italian

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