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New D6 Ra Series
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Valeo Starter D6RA Series Tune Up Kit, aftermarket replacement parts to repair your Valeo starter...
VALEO …D6RA Series Starter Tune Up Repair Kit (Major) Fits ALL VALEO Starters Part # 's D6RAxxx As used on BMW R Model 247 / Airhead 1988-1995 BMW R Model 259 / Oilhead 1993-2004 and Moto Guzzi 1988-2004 ************************************************************ Kit includes all normal wearing parts and rubber gaskets for a quick and easy starter maintenance “tune-up”; a) Carbon Brushes with soldered-on leads x 2 (positive brush x 1, negative brush x 1) b) Bushings; Center x 1, Commutator End x 1, Drive End x 1 c) Brush Spring x 1 d) Brush Insulators x 2 e) Brush Holder Insulator x 1 (rubber) f) Commutator Cover Gasket x 1 (rubber) g) Brush Holder x 1 Manufactured in France, and EEC. ************************************************************ Fits following VALEO starters (and more) BMW D6RA7, D6RA15 D6RA55, D6RA75 Moto Guzzi D6RA21, D6RA210 ************