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This is probably the most requested set in my collection, now
upgraded and fully complete. Available for the first
time. You have an entire set of 1993 USWA wrestling from
Memphis. This includes the NY vs USWA feud that ran through
the spring and summer of '93. Ultra rare footage that I
traded for back in '93. These are mostly my rips converted
from VHS to DVD.
Back in '93 the NY promotion worked out a talent exchange of
sorts with the Memphis Territory. Unlike the developmental
system of today, they would try out established stars with new
personas. Bret and Owen Hart both worked heel in Memphis
before turning heel up North. Mr. Perfect, Tatanka, Doink,
Giant Gonzalez, Shawn Michaels, Randy Savage even Howard Finkle,
all worked Memphis in '93 with characters slightly different than
in their home territory. Then - of course - there's the big
one. In late summer Vince McMahon himself tried out his heel
character in the USWA five years before becoming "Mr. McMahon" in
1998. This is really - my opinion - the last and final hot
run of Memphis Wrestling. Can't miss, historic footage.
This set includes every episode of the original USWA 90 minute
feed from WMC-TV in Memphis. You get Randy Savage's return to the
Memphis Studio, Doink the Clown heeling it up, the formation of PG
13, the debut of Men on a Mission as the Harlem Knights, the
incredible Lawler Hart Family Feud, the debut of Johnny Polo, the
historic McMahon feud and much more.
Plus as a special, exclusive bonus you'll get the 3/20/93
edition of USWA-TV from Nashville that included a match between
Jerry Lawler and Lex Luger from the Nashville Fairgrounds that ends
with a wild locker room brawl between the King, Luger, Brian
Christopher and promoter Eddie Marlin (yes Eddie Marlin).
This only aired in Nashville and wasn't part of the main broadcast
out of Memphis.
No returns because of ease of copying. However I will
replace any defective discs. I'll only use name brand DVDs
(no generics or store brands).

Quality on all footage ranges but it probably averages out to an
8. Remember all these shows only aired once in Memphis and
that's it.
Here's what you get. 52 discs - one disc per line (guest
stars listed here):
USWA WMC 1/2/93 (Bill Dundee leaves for WCW)

USWA WMC 1/9/93
USWA WMC 1/16/93 (Dusty Rhodes' valet Saphire in Studio)
USWA WMC 1/23/93 (Honky Tonk Man & Saphire in Studio)
USWA WMC 1/30/93 (Mr. Perfect Curt Henning promo, PG 13 first

USWA WMC 2/6/93 (Doink in Studio, Howard Finkle heel promo)

USWA WMC 2/13/93 (Lex Luger in Studio)

*BONUS* USWA Nashville 2/20/93 & 2/27/93 - Lex Luger vs
Lawler from Nashville Fairgrounds
USWA WMC 2/20/93 (Lex Luger in Studio)

USWA WMC 2/27/93
USWA WMC 3/6/93 (Scotty Flamingo debut in studio, Randy
Savage in studio, Vicera debut as part of the Harlem Knights)
USWA WMC 3/13/93
USWA WMC 3/20/93

USWA WMC 3/27/93 (Shawn Michaels promo, Big Boss Man promo)

USWA WMC 4/3/93 (Shawn Michaels vs Jeff Jarrett from MSC)

USWA WMC 4/10/93 (Randy Savage promo)

USWA WMC 4/17/93 (Sheri Martel in studio, Randy Savage promo,
Randy Savage vs Jerry Lawler from MSC)
USWA WMC 4/24/93 (Lawler vs Savage cage match from MSC, Sheri
Martel in studio, Koko Ware promo)

USWA WMC 5/1/93 (Lawler & Ms. Texas vs Flamingo &
Martel, Brian Christopher vs Koko Ware from MSC, Koko in
USWA WMC 5/8/93 (Lawler vs Papa Shango from MSC, Koko in studio,
Flamingo becomes Johnny Polo, Papa Shango in studio)

USWA WMC 5/15/93 (Koko in studio)

USWA WMC 5/22/93 (Koko in studio, Johnny Polo in studio)

USWA WMC 5/29/93
USWA WMC 6/5/93
USWA WMC 6/12/93
USWA WMC 6/19/93 (Lawler explains King of the Ring attack on
Bret Hart)
USWA WMC 6/26/93 (Owen Hart vs Papa Shango from MSC, Owen
attacks Lawler at MSC)

USWA WMC 7/3/93 (Owen vs Lawler from MSC)

USWA WMC 7/10/93
USWA WMC 7/17/93
USWA WMC 7/24/93 (Owen vs Lawler, Bret Hart promo)
USWA WMC 7/31/93

USWA WMC 8/7/93 (Mr. Perfect Curt Henning promo, 123 Kid in

USWA WMC 8/14/93 (Promos from Bret, Owen, 123 Kid, Mr. Fuji, Bam
Bam Bigelow, Lawler vs. Bret music video from MSC)
USWA WMC 8/21/93 (Lawler & Jarrett vs Bret & Owen,
McMahon on King's Court)
USWA WMC 8/28/93 (Bret Hart promo, McMahon as a heel at MSC,
McMahon heel promo)
USWA WMC 9/4/93 (McMahon heel promo, Lawler vs Bret from MSC,
Giant Gonzalez in studio)
USWA WMC 9/11/93 (McMahon heel promo, Tatanka in studio)

USWA WMC 9/18/93 (McMahon heel promo wearing USWA title, Lawler
vs Tatanka from MSC, Tatanka in studio)

USWA WMC 9/25/93 (Lawler vs Tatanka from MSC)
USWA WMC 10/2/93 (Savage promo, McMahon promo)

USWA WMC 10/9/93 (Savage vs Lawler from MSC, Savage promo, final
McMahon promo)

USWA WMC 10/16/93
USWA WMC 10/23/93
USWA WMC 10/30/93
USWA WMC 11/6/93
USWA WMC 11/13/93
USWA WMC 11/20/93
USWA WMC 11/27/93
USWA WMC 12/4/93 & 12/11/93
USWA WMC 12/18/93
USWA WMC 12/25/93
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