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Bplan_X_Change has taken the guess work out of writing a business plan!


If you’re serious about opening your business, then we want to work with you!!


By using our  Sample  Business Plans , we will save you time & money and have you opening the doors to your new business FAST!


Simply purchase this unique business plan here on eBay; Then edit in your own personal information (business name, location, etc.) and within minutes have a proven, professional business plan ready for Lenders, Investors, The SBA, and Government Grant Agencies!


All of our professional business plans are sent out on CD-ROM within (1) business day. CD’s are shipped in a standard white sleeve, mailed in a 6x9 large envelope mailer and are guaranteed to arrive within 3-7 business days by first class mail. We even cover the shipping & handling fees for FREE!



Why Bplan_X_Change?



All Of Our Plans Are NEW And Up To Date!


We’ve seen this time and time again; different sellers are re-listing plans from 10 years ago they downloaded free off the web somewhere. There is a reason why those plans are on the web for free, there useless!â€

We Write Every Plan We Sell!


All of our plans are written in house by a professional staff of 3 writers with a combined experience of over 25 years writing quality, proven, professional business plans! Don’t trust another Ebay reseller to give you the kind of support for something they purchased and are simply reselling! If you have a question, we are here to help! No one knows more about these plans then the actual author so keep that in mind when thinking of buying your sample business plan elsewhere!



Our Plans Couldn’t Be Easier Or More User Friendly!


All of our plans are completely editable in a simple to use, open, edit Microsoft Word 2003 format. No expensive software to buy, no special programs required to read it, and no problems editing in your information! Saving you time & money! We ship our plans out EVERYDAY so you will receive your plan quickly with endless email support!



Support After The Sale!


If you ever have a question completing your business plan, we are only an email away! We respond within 24 hours and have the professional, customer focused attitude, you deserve! We want to help you succeed, we KNOW writing a quality business plan isn’t easy and we will help you every step of the way!


  See Our Feedback!


Not sure if our plans are the real deal?  Simply check out our feedback and see for yourself!  NO ONE on Ebay sells proven, professional, quality plans or has the customer service support like Bplan_X_Change!



Sounds Good; So What Will I Receive?  


We will mail out your industry specific business plan on CD-ROM within (1) business day to your confirmed PayPal mailing address. Please allow 4-7 days for delivery excluding holidays!


You will be given a follow up email address to send all questions, comments, or concerns to for one on one professional support.


You will also receive (2) FREE Bonus Tools included on your CD to assist you in writing your own plan. (FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY)


1)      Freebook #1 is a complete step by step written instruction on how to write a plan and what needs to be included where. We’ve even thrown in a few websites here to assist you in things like Market Demographics etc.


2)      Freebook #2 is a complete “ fill in the blank †government approved outline. Another great tool to save you TONS of time for FREE!


Tell Me The Business Plan Specific’s!


All of our plans contain the 7 vital sections of a business plan!  Yes, you read that correctly!   ALL of our business plans follow the government approved outline for submitting a business plan!


Other eBay seller’s are trying to fluff there way to explaining these sections, don’t be fooled into paying $3 bucks less when WE KNOW you’ll come back to buy one of our plans after words!  


Each and every plan we offer is a unique professional document containing the following sections….



1) Executive Summary:


The first section of the business plan, gives the reader a general overview of who you are, what you are looking to do, how much funding you need, basically it’s a few page intro to the rest of your business plan in short paragraph form.   This section is typically 2-3 pages in length and gives the lender a general over view of who, what, why, where, and how you are opening your business!



2) Products & Services:


The products & services section of the plan breaks down each specific product and/or service you are looking to offer. Including your N.A.I.C.S   (North American Industry Classification System) code for government grant funding requirements.   It is also the section that will include any trade secrets, patents, or special licensing arrangements.   All of our plans give specific industry products & services for you along with sample pricing structures etc.



3) Market Analysis:


This section identifies your Primary Market, Total Market, Target Market and Competition in your specific area.   Now granted, unless you live in the area we wrote the plan, you will need to change this demographic to your specific area. NOT a problem, we’ve included resources for you to use to find up to date local demographical information regarding your specific market for FREE!



4) Facility & Operations:


The Facility & Operations section identifies the physical address of the business.   It is also where you highlight the local labor pool for adding employee’s, needed capital equipment, a physical description or pictures of your business/building and your sources of suppliers.   By far another crucial landmark of a professional business plan and one that is MOST OFTEN left out of business plan software!   Why?   We have no idea other then saying those software people never tried to actually receive any funding with their plans!   By far, this section is where 35% of all prospective business owners get rejected for not having and it also identifies your business plan as a cookie cutter “out of a box†cheapo software plan if it’s not present!



5) Sales Strategy:


It’s all about selling your products & services here!   Identifies your sales strategies, distribution, pricing structures, promotions, how are you going to get your business into the eyes of prospective buyers?!   All of our plans already include the BEST promotional methods/distribution strategies for your specific business tried and tested in 2008!   Our industry specific example will save you time and money because you’ll be able to skip over this section and follow our example!



6) Management & Owner Profile:


You need to show lenders you are qualified to use funding responsibly and run this type of business!   Highlight your qualifications, credentials, the fact that you were an alter boy…. Whatever to show them YOU are competent enough to operate this business!   Our sample plans include the “BUZZ WORDS†lenders are looking for and what they WANT TO SEE before handing you a check!   We have over 25 years in the business plan writing industry, we’ve been in your shoes before so capitalize on our learning curve and follow our proven plan for success…. It’s really just that easy to do!



7) Financial Analysis:


This section covers all aspects of financial planning & projections lenders are looking for. Three Year Profit & Loss Projections, Balance Sheets, Break Even Analysis, Pro Forma Cash Flow Statements, Everything funding sources are looking for and require in an easy to use/edit example plug in your specific funding needs and have a professional complete plan in minutes!   Our financial sections are easy to read and follow because they contain charts, graphs, breakdowns lenders are looking for in an easy to read and understand format!  


We Are No Stranger To Business Plans !   In fact, our small team of professional writers has achieved funding of over $36,000,000.00 dollars and has written over 2500 industry specific business plans!


Put Our Team To The Test… We don’t want to sell you a sample plan and wish you luck. We want YOU to succeed and open the doors to your very own business!   So have questions? Email us and we will answer your question usually within 24 hours of purchasing, sometimes faster!


NOW Is The Perfect Time To Make An Investment , this time make it in YOU and do what you’ve always wanted to do… Open the doors to that new business; we know you just need a little help to get you started and in the right direction, that is why we are selling our proven business plans on eBay for you to take advantage of today and open the doors to your new business tomorrow!




By ordering this item NOW, we will include the following (2) FREE BONUS TOOLS!



********** ( 2 ) FREE BONUS GUIDES WITH THIS AUCTION **********


Free Book #1:


       The Complete Government Approved Format for writing and submitting a business plan!   It covers section by section of what needs to be in the plan, where it needs to go, etc etc!   This alone is a $29.95 value!   YOURS FREE!


Free Book #2:


A Complete TEMPLATE…A “ fill in the blank†style plan for you to use and enter your own business info if you do not want to edit the original plan or if you are trying to open multiple businesses!   Another $29.95 value included for FREE for a VERY limited time with the purchase of our sample business plans!



Don’t Miss Out On This Great Deal!!


Purchase your Professional, Proven, Sample Business Plan NOW! All orders purchased thru this Ebay auction will include the (2) FREE BONUS GUIDES and will also come with endless customer support via email!   If you’re serious about opening the doors to your new business then Bplan_X_Change is your ONE STOP Sample Business Plan Provider!





All business plans are sold in “as is†status and are NOT intended for any other use other then securing funding for the purchaser. As the buyer of this plan you do NOT own the rights to resell this material in any form (such as digital, bound, or print). If you do not agree to these terms and conditions please do NOT purchase this item. Refunds are given as deemed by the seller. CD’s are guaranteed against defects and will arrive within 4-7 business days. Bplan_X_Change does NOT guarantee you funding and is NOT a lender. All business plans are copy right protected thru the patent office of New York State.