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Panda Bear Adorable Slippers USB Powered Soft Plush Heater Cushion Shoe Feet Warmer Cozy n Comfortable
Product Features:
Slipper shaped Panda pattern feet warmer ·
Formed of high-tech waterproof fever materials& plush
fabrics ·
Keep your feet warm& cozy while you work near the computer ·
USB interface, plug and play ·
Warming the feet with the comfortable temperature (about 42±3°C/
104℉) ·
Coated plush fabrics that feels soft and comfortable ·
Panda pattern on the warmer features this item ·
Low power consumption ·
Be safe to people and computer with the low voltage (5V) ·
Easy to wear on/ off ·
Can also be used as a pillow ·
One size fits most ·
Say goodbye to the cold in winter, don't miss it! ·
Note: Not designed for walking, used at your computer or laptop
only ·
USB cable length: 1.20m ·
Size: 370 x 250 x 195 mm / 14.57 x 10 x 8 inch ·
Temperature: 42±3℃/ 104℉ ·
Power: 5V, 2.5W ·
Color: mainly black and white ·
Net Weight: 416 g / 14.67 oz
Package Contents:
1 x USB Feet Warmer