Item Description
Hello One Life To Live Fans,
This storyline in on a total of 3
Starting when
Cord left Sarah Gordon to go and run after Tina at the Happy
Horse Ranch. They reunited and decided to get married (this
took place in Oct. 1988). Ursula Blackwell (Jill Larson)
who was last seen at the end of September after she fell
out of the lighthouse window with Tina and her father, Cornelius
Blackwell (Athol Fugard), returns on camera as a patient locked up
in Mountainview Sanitarium. She escapes the sanitarium, becomes
homeless and attacks Christine Cromwell (Susan Floyd)
in a back alley.
Ursula hears
about the big double wedding for Tina & Cord Roberts and
Asa & Renee Buchanan. Seeking revenge, Ursula preys on Mari
Lynn Dennison (Tammy Amerson) and manipulates her into letting her
stay with her in the carriage house at Llanfair. Ursula begins
her plan to blow up Tina as she cuts the cake.
beautiful double wedding takes place and the reception is
at Llanfair. Ursula's plan goes wrong when Steven & Brenda cuts
the cake and it kills Steve Holden. Ursula is now on the run with
everyone looking for her and she takes refuge in Stonecrest estate
where she lured Viki Buchanan & Sarah Gordon and
held them captive in the bomb shelter when Bo came to the rescue
and Max later came and strangled the life out of Ursula for killing
his brother. Ursula was arrested and shipped to Statesville
 At the end of the DVD, there are a few scenes with Ursula,
Jamie Sanders and Megan/Ruby Bright covering the Crown Royal Jewels
storyline. That story is also available upon request.