Item Description
Unlock your blackberry to any network -
instantly... Almost.!!!
Blackberry Unlock Codes!

Any BLACKBERRY can be Unlocked by
We Ship
your code in minutes!
Instructions to get the code:
-Send the IMEI of your phone in a message while checkout.
(You can get it pressing *#06#)
-Company which your phone is locked to and Model of phone.
-Send the MEP of your phone in the message while checkout.
You can get it downloading this program:
Logger. or a mep reader.
If u don't have any MEP reader you can
use this link to download it:
Use of MEP reader: Connect your phone via USB cable, then
open your BlackBerry Desktop Manager. When your BlackBerry Desktop
Manager has recognized your phone, open this program and click
read info and it's Done. Send
us your IMEI And MEP that this program will display! We'll ship
your code in minutes!
Note: if your cellphone is password protected you must
disable it before get your IMEI and MEP Through MEP reader: Go to
options ->password-> disable.
Example of the message content in checkout:
Blackberry 9700
T-Mobile USA
If you send us a WRONG IMEI, Phone
Model, Company or MEP, it is your responsibility. In this case, it
not possible a refund.
If code
didn't work, you must send us a video to prove that code didn't
In case, that we're not able to get your code, we give you a
full refund.
We ship your code Within 30 Minutes
and 24 Hours.
Let us know if you have any question.