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Welcome To My Pattern Shop! ~~~ My patterns are soooo easy to stitch and you can't beat the quality nor the fast and friendly service anywhere!

Much time and effort has gone into each and every pattern. I love to cross stitch and I know what other fellow cross stitchers are looking for in a pattern. It is always my goal to provide my customers with a quality pattern that I, myself, would expect and enjoy. Please be leery of competing sellers that do not show a perfectly clear and defined "virtual stitches" picture in their listings. There are a couple of sellers offering similar patterns as to mine but only show you the "original" picture they used to create the pattern. Also, please be VERY leery of patterns that require many shades of colors when the picture looks like it shouldn't need that many and also listings where they don't even tell you how many colors are needed! Mine only require a few! Most of these sellers who sell computer generated patterns do not add the additional time involved to produce a professional looking product and keep the pattern from having faded confetti pixels. It takes more than just downloading an image and having a cross stitch program create a pattern. I've done all of the hard work for you. Now YOU get the fun of stitching it and hearing everyone who sees your work go "WoW!!!"


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University of Georgia Bulldogs

Choose from  SEVEN designs !

image_1a-1.jpg picture by stitchedbydesign

*** Please note: You are choosing your preferred design and you must select which design or designs that you are choosing , listed as 1,2,3, etc... If you would like more than one design from this team, please email me and specify your choices. I will then create an invoice for you with your specific choices and discounted price & combined shipping and handling. If you do not email me and wait for an adjusted PayPal invoice, you will be charged full price from eBay since they do not recognize my sale prices. Thank you!!! ***

Purchase any 2 patterns from my store, receive the second one 1/2 off!

Purchase any 3 patterns at regular price, receive your 4th one FREE!


Design # 1 -- Requires only FOUR floss colors -- 219w x 138h  
14 cnt:  15.63" x 9.88" 
16 cnt:  13.75" x 8.63"
18 cnt:  12.13" x 7.63"     
22 cnt:  10" x 6.25"  

image_1.jpg picture by stitchedbydesign


Design # 2 -- Requires only FOUR floss colors -- 144w x 90h  
14 cnt:  10.25" x 6.38"     
16 cnt:  9" x 5.63"           
18 cnt:  8" x 5"                
22 cnt:  6.5" x 4.13"         


Design # 3 -- Requires only FOUR floss colors -- 158w x 180h
14 cnt:  11.25" x 12.88"
16 cnt:  9.88" x 11.25"
18 cnt:  8.75" x 10"
22 cnt:  7.13" x 8.13"



Design # 4 -- Requires only THREE floss colors -- 144w x 93h  
14 cnt:  10.25" x 6.63"  
16 cnt:  9" x 5.88"        
18 cnt:  8" x 5.13"        
22 cnt:  6.5" x 4.25"      


Design # 5 -- Requires only THREE floss colors -- 144w x 73h
14 cnt:  10.25" x 5.25"
16 cnt:  9" x 4.63"
18 cnt:  8" x 4"
22 cnt:  6.5" x 3.38"


Design # 6 -- Requires only THREE floss colors -- 146w x 62h  
14 cnt:  10.38" x 4.38"   
16 cnt:  9.13" x 3.88"     
18 cnt:  8.13" x 3.5"       
22 cnt:  6.63" x 2.88"       


Design # 7 -- Requires only THREE floss colors -- 254w x 183h  
14 cnt:  18.13" x 13.13" 
16 cnt:  15.88" x 11.5"         
18 cnt:  14.13" x 10.13         
22 cnt:  11.5" x 8.38"       


Copyright Protected © Stitched By Design -- All Rights Reserved. All Cross Stitch Designs are Sole Property of Stitched By Design.


What You Will Receive:

Your pattern will be printed in black & white on quality heavy card stock paper, anywhere from 2 to 9 sheets, depending on the design that you have ordered.

A sensible symbol chart with easy to read black & white symbols printed on quality heavy card stock paper.

A list of the DMC, Anchor & JPC floss that you will need printed on quality heavy card stock paper.

All of my designs use whole stitches

Center stitch and center grid are marked for you so finding a starting point is easy.



Your pattern will be shipped in a weather-proof bubbled envelope to protect it from any damage from the elements of the weather or from USPS handling.

The price of the envelope is included in your shipping and handling costs.

Your order will be processed and shipped out to you within 24 - 72 hours of receipt of payment. However, I try my very best to ship within 24 hours because I know how anxious my customers are to start stitching!

Your pattern(s) will come from a smoke free and pet free environment.

If you wish to avoid shipping costs and would prefer the pattern emailed to you in pdf format using Adobe Reader ... please look for the appropriate listing for this team. Thank you!


  Please email me before purchasing if you have any questions. Thank you!