Item Description
Of ornate and unholy design, this pendant has managed to combine the inverted pentagram and inverted cross symbols into one! An eye-catching and absolutely wicked piece of jewelry! The pewter is obviously a silver color, but has been accented with black detail within which borders the shape of the cross within and also forms the inverted and interwoven pentagram at its center. The inverted cross is often worn by those who oppose the ignorance and hypocrisy of Christianity and other religions which have used the crucifixion of Christ to spread false ideals and maintain control of the ignorant masses (all of course so the church can capitalize). It is a popular item associated with Modern Satanism and other free-thinking schools of thought, and an item often associated with gothic fashion.

The pendant is made of high quality, nickel free polished pewter and measures approximately 1.5" high (3,5 cm) including clasp, and the circle has a diameter of 1.1" (2.75 cm). It comes on a 2 mm thick, extremely durable waxed black adjustable cord which can be easily altered between the lengths of 16.5" and 35" (inches) to suit the style of the person wearing it. Whether you prefer a choker-style necklace or would rather have the pendant hanging at a lower level on your chest, having an adjustable cord gives you the flexibility to wear it as you please. Would make an excellent gift or wonderful addition to your own jewelry collection :-)


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