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Episode Title Original airdate
1 "Vengeance of the Gods" 10 October 1981
On his trip back to Earth, Ulysses' son is carried off by the Cyclops to give sight to his followers with Telemachus' life force. Ulysses destroys the Cyclops and saves Telemachus, Yumi and Numinor. In retaliation the ancient Gods then send his ship, the Odyssey, into an unknown part of space with the bulk of its crew cursed to remain lifeless, floating in mid-air until Ulysses finds the Kingdom of Hades.
2 "The Lost Planet" 17 November 1981
The ship passes a moon that brings Numinor back to life, since it's from his home planet of Zotra. When they investigate, the children disappear and Numinor suspects they've been kidnapped by a legendary witch.
3 "The Black Sphere" 17 October 1981
Ulysses meets an old scholar named Heratos and his assistant, a young Zotrian woman named Atina. Heratos gives Ulysses a map that he says is to the Kingdom of Hades, but is actually to the Graveyard of Wrecks and Hulks which no-one has ever left alive, because the gods threatened Atina's life if he did not deceive Ulysses. While there, Telemachus finds the black sphere which contains a map of Olympus.
4 "Guardian of the Cosmic Winds" 14 November 1981
Aeolus, King of the winds, kidnaps Ulysses to provide entertainment for his daughter's birthday party. Unable to watch her father's cruel sport, she frees the captives and helps them escape.
5 "The Eternal Punishment" 21 November 1981
Ulysses encounters Sisyphus, a king condemned to fill a crater with boulders for all eternity for having dared to want the secret of immortality. Zeus has promised Sisyphus he can leave if he makes Ulysses take his place.
6 "Flowers of Fear" 24 October 1981
The Odyssey comes across a lifeless city world. On hearing that its people had the technology to bring the dead back to life, Yumi takes Numinor to the planet to revive him. However, she learns why there is no life in the city.
7 "Mutiny on Board" 28 November 1981
A space storm revives the companions as crazed automatons who take over the ship and try to crash it into space glaciers.
8 "Secret of the Sphinx" 5 December 1981
Passing through the domain of the great Sphinx, Ulysses must answer his riddle to leave safely. His treacherous daughter kidnaps the children and plots to make Ulysses her slave.
9 "Chronos, Father of Time" 31 October 1981
Ulysses is saved from a Trident attack by Chronos, the god of time, who wants to use him as leverage to be allowed to reenter the home of the gods.
10 "Temple of the Lestrigones" 12 December 1981
The Odyssey arrives on a tropical planet, where the ruling tyrant uses a magic prism to shrink them.
11 "The Seat of Forgetfulness" 26 December 1981
Ulysses follows a Trident carrier in hopes of learning more about the way out of Olympus, and finds himself trapped in bizarre worlds. To save the children, he will have to give up his memories.
12 "Trapped Between Fire and Ice" 14 December 1981
Trying to help a stranded astronaut, Ulysses tries to find a hidden base on one of the deadly twin planets Scylla or Charybdis.
13 "Phantoms from the Swamp" 9 January 1982
Coming across a piece of Zotra that could bring Numinor back to life, Ulysses and Yumi pursue it to a swamp planet where they are ambushed by monsters who can copy their forms.
14 "Song of Danger" 2 January 1982
Pirates kidnap the children to force Ulysses and No-No to brave the danger of the Sirens, said to guard a map of the Olympus universe.
15 "Before the Flood" 16 January 1982
Ulysses and the crew land on a planet similar to prehistoric earth. They encounter a winged female named Sauria, whose people are under attack from mutant vultures called Keconopters.
16 "The Magic Spells of Circe" 23 January 1982
The crew of the Odyssey are enslaved by the magic of the enchantress Circe and turned into pig-people to build a tower that will house all the knowledge of the universe.
17 "Lost in the Labyrinth" 6 February 1982
Princess Ariadne comes upon the Odyssey, and asks for Ulysses' help in saving her lover Theseus, who has been exiled to her father's labyrinth to be killed by the fearsome Minotaur.
18 "At the Heart of the Universe" 13 February 1982
Mercurius, the bubble-dwelling "grandson of the gods," enlists Ulysses' help in taking a jewel from the brow of the giant Atlas under the promise that it will give him the power to send Ulysses home.
19 "The Hidden Truth" 30 January 1982
The shapechanger Nereus calls Ulysses for help when Shark Men, servants of the gods, take over his planet.
20 "The Magician in Black" 20 February 1982
Ulysses is saved from an attack by the most powerful magician in the universe who breaks the gods' curse on his crew; however, as payment for his services, demands to hunt Ulysses's best men.
21 "Rebellion on Lemnos" 20 March 1982
Princess Hypsipyle of the planet Lemnos is found by Ulysses; she tells them that the women of her planet are being forced by the Shark Men to build ships for the gods.
22 "City of Cortex" 6 March 1982
The Odyssey is dragged to a planet populated by machines, and governed by the tyrannical computer Cortex. One of its inhabitants, a "female" robot named Nanette, falls in love with No-No. (This is a reference to a play called No, No, Nanette).
23 "Calypso" 27 March 1982
The Odyssey responds to a distress call from Queen Calypso, who tells him that if he saves her planet she will tell him the way back to earth. Calypso has been ordered by Zeus to betray Ulysses, but she falls in love with him and cannot carry out the gods' orders.
24 "Strange Meeting" 13 March 1982
Ulysses and the children are sent back in time and meet the original Ulysses, Telemachus and Penelope of Homer's epic.
25 "The Lotus Eaters" 27 February 1982
Needing raw materials to repair the Odyssey, Ulysses travels to a world where the inhabitants are addicted to eating seeds which induce amnesia.
26 "The Kingdom of Hades" 3 April 1982
In the final episode, Ulysses and his companions reach the Kingdom of Hades. They meet Orpheus, who seeks Ulysses' help to find his love, Eurydice, who has been taken to the Kingdom of Hades by Charon. Hades, the god of death, tells Ulysses that he must leave his companions behind if he wishes to return to Earth. He rejects the offer, which was a final test, and they all return home.