Item Description
Ultrasonic skin scrubber The principle this device works on
is simple. It uses ultrasonic oscilations of the meatl blade tip to
clean, massage skin and increase absorption of nutrients. There are
2 application techniques - one for cleansing and one for nutrient
infusion. Different sides of the bladewill be used to perform these
two procedures. This device is a basic skin care instrument, since
skin care stars with pore cleaning and dead cell peeling. Our
device is also utilizes galvanic current to infuse active bio
nutrients, which makes it an ideal and versatile instrument for
daily skin care. For ease of use it has an LCD scree which displays
the current intensity and mode status. Device caomes with a manual.
Works from 110-240V AC. Function and Features 1, deep cleaning,
removal of the aging skin; 2, pigment decomposition, reduce dark
spots; 3, deep wrinkles and enhance skin elasticity; 4, promote
blood and lymph metabolism; 5, to enhance regeneration of skin
cells and permeability; 6, massage skin, nutrition, import, export
of impurities; 7, microcomputer control, dual-function integration;
8, no damage to the skin and negative effects; 9, good looks, easy
to use, simple operation, small size, easy to carry. Note: 1, the
instrument used, please cooperate with water, make-up remover gel
or water; 2, operation, cleansing, exfoliation with a continuous
wave, massage, wrinkle removal with intermittent or continuous
wave; 3, before and after operation, the probe body should be kept
clean, and clean and disinfect; 4, wound around the eye and do not
use this instrument; 5, children, pregnant women, mental disorders
Convicted of use of the equipment; 6, the instrument used, the
working hours can be adjusted as needed; 7, the instrument used,
due to the frequency generated by the past audio, it will be
squeaky, is normal, please be assured use; 8, equipment failure or
unclear, please consult your dealer or our business.
Specifications: 1, power output: 7.0W 2, voltage output: DC-15W 3,
Packing size: 25.5cmX20.5cmX7cm 4, net weight: 0.25kg / support 5,
Gross Weight: 0.58kg / support Listen Read phoneticallyDictionary -
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