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Ultraman Max (2005)Japanese with English SubtitlesFormat: DVD The new hero Ultraman Max is from Nebula M-78, home of the original Ultraman. This is a big change since the home planets of the more recent Ultraman characters have never been specifically stated. This new show has much more clear ties with the older ones. This will include the return of many of Ultraman's most famous monster enemies. Ele King will appear in episode two and there are plans for appearances by such fan favorites as Red King, Pigmon and the ever popular Baltan Seijin. Format : DVDLanguage : JapaneseDVD Subtitles : EnglishVideo: Excellent QualityRegion : All code region free ( Playable on any DVD Player )PS2, XBOX Compatible. DVD-ROM Compatible. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ADDITIONAL ITEMS. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ADDITIONAL ITEMS.