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A competitive bodybuilder, who used to wrestle in
high school, takes on a skinny kid in the mismatch of the century!
If you like to see huge squash jobs, this is what you have been
looking for!
The bodybuilder uses a multitude of holds on the
helpless kid; headlocks, head scissors, body scissors, neck cranks,
killer cradles, awesome combination holds, grapevines, full
nelsons, and some holds he seems to make up as he goes along! Each
hold lasts several minutes, and the poor kid can only squirm and
moan. Lots of great scissors holds. The bodybuilder starts off
wearing a
lucha-type wrestling mask and black trunks. Midway
throught the match, the mask comes off. He also wears a pair of
sexy, black leather gloves. Lots of muscle flexing in between
holds. And the final submission move leaves the kid
DVD runs approximately 1 hour. Contains no sex or
nudity. This is a custom DVD I paid $1500 to have produced.