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THE ULTIMATE USMC IRAQI/KURDISH TACTICAL LANGUAGE LEARNING DISK. DEVELOPED FOR USMC EXPEDITIONARY FORCES DEPLOYED IN IRAQ. THIS IS THE Tactical Iraqi Arabic for Marine Expeditionary Forces. THIS IRAQI/KURD SUPPORT COURSE INCLUDES 29 MP3 AUDIO LESSONS/SUPPLEMENTS WITH ASSOCIATED FOLLOW ALONG PDF TEXT MANUALS + 29 LANGUAGE CARDS + MORE ! SEE BELOW FOR LIST. OVER 11 HOURS OF AUDIO INSTRUCTION. THIS IS A 2 CD DISK SET. Tactical Iraqi Arabic for Marine Expeditionary Forces features: * further accurized Iraqi dialect spoken by native Iraqi speakers. * expanded dialogues * supplementary vocabulary * basic grammatical notes * function-focused language cards in text and audio. Purpose The central purpose of this language tool is to assist Marines to understand the basics of what is being said to them and to convey meaning in the Arabic words and phrases they will know. It is designed with the realization that often one need only understand 60% of what a foreign language speaker is saying in order to grasp his main intent. Further some of what is presented here is in grammatical terms technically not entirely correct. This has been a conscious choice in order to favor the quick efficient easy-to-pronounce method that is still comprehensible to a native Arabic speaker. Uses of Tactical Iraqi Arabic As Audio Program Only Start with the audio for language cards focusing on specific operational situations. (It is highly recommended that you use the text for the language cards as well.) For lessons start with Dialogue 1. Each dialogue reflects current operating conditions in Iraq. 1. You will hear the dialogue at about 70% of normal speed. 2. Each sentence will be read separately with translation. Additionally significant points of vocabulary will be repeated word by word. 3. The vocabulary for the entire dialogue will be repeated reinforcing exposure. 4. The dialogue as a whole will be read again at 80-85% of normal speed. That will be the end of the lesson. II. As Audio and Text Program All written read-along material can be found here in PDF: you can download and print it. Dialogues for lessons 1-18 (of a total of 21) are color-coded to indicate speaker in dialogue though black-and-white printers will suffice. When using the texts be aware that we have spelled words in a way specifically intended so that an American-accented English speaker will pronounce them according to American English habits. The result will be Arabic pronunciation approximating Iraqi dialect. Read the text as written and not attempt to simulate or fabricate a Middle Eastern accent. However note the following special characters: * the capital H represents the j sound as in Baja California; * the kh represents the ch sound as in achtung; * the ( represents the (ayin as in (Abdullah; * the capital G represents the gh sound Steps for Using Tactical Iraqi Arabic as Audio and Text Program 1. Read through the vocabulary terms before listening to the dialogue. 2. After listening to an entire lesson you and a partner go through the dialogue in A-B exchanges 3. Then work to develop small variations on the exchanges in the dialogues. This will assist you to memorize certain phrases and their response for rapid ability to communicate intent to Iraqis while in country. 4. Subsequent to initial study review of vocab and phrases. 5. Listen to dialogues and create short dialogues with your buddies. These steps will prepare you to rapidly initiate communication and respond to Iraqi phrases even if you only understand part of what you hear. HERE IS WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THIS SET IRAQI language cards patrol card 1 commander's card 3 patrol card 2 S1 shop card House Search S2 intel card 1 ISF Operational 1 S2 intel card 2 ISF Operational 2 S3 operations card ISF Range S4 logistics card 1 ISF basic weapons S4 logistics card 2 ISF Weapons Command S6 communications ISF Weapons components medical service card 1 commander's card 1 medical service card 2 commander's card 2 tcp card "Tactical Iraqi Arabic" program lesson 1: Is this place your house? lesson 2: Where is the bridge? lesson 3: I have to go to fort? lesson 4: How do I go to the police? lesson 5: Where is your father? lesson 6: Hello Sgt Mohammad? lesson 7: Who is in charge here? lesson 8: There is a problem with security? lesson 9: Stop please lesson 10: get out of the car? lesson 11: who'd you see at the checkpoint? lesson 12: are you originally from here? lesson 13: Who's at the door? lesson 14: What are you seeing in this area? lesson 15: Brush off? lesson 16: why have you come? lesson 17: what's that crowd a protest? lesson 18: medical terms lesson 19: verb supplement lesson 20: Grammar supplement MSA Language Sustainment Passages Arabic Sustainment 1 in Arabic Arabic Sustainment 1 in English Arabic Sustainment 2 in Arabic Arabic Sustainment 2 in English Translation Arabic Language Capability Sustainment 3 Combined Arabic Sustainment 4a DLI Arabic Iraqi Basic Iraqi Basic Kurdish (Sorani) lesson 1: Is this your house? medical terms lesson 2: How do I get to the bridge? grammar supplements prepositionspossessivesnumbers and colors lesson 3: I have to go to fort? verb supplement lesson 4: How do I go to the police? additional useful terms and phrases lesson 5: where is your father? KURDISH LANGUAGE CARDS general/patrol card 1 patrol card 2 house search card 1 isf opcard 1 isf opcard 2 isf range card tcp card language card supplement + MORE!!!   VERY EASY TO FOLLOW AND UNDERSTAND. JUST OPEN YOUR PDF STUDENT TEXT FILE AND START THE MP3 AUDIO FILE FOR LESSON 1. FOLLOW ALONG WITH YOUR MANUAL AND IN NO TIME YOU WILL BE ON YOUR WAY TO LEARNING A NEW LANGUAGE.   AS A SPECIAL BONUS WE ARE ALSO GIVING AWAY FREE 8 DIFFERENT LANGUAGE PHRASE EBOOKS WITH EVERY PURCHASE. THESE INCLUDE DUTCH FRENCH GERMAN ITALIAN JAPANESE ROMANIAN SPANISH AND SWEDISH. IF you have been looking for an easy to read and understand guides that will give you some short but effective foreign phrases you can use when traveling this is your solution! But it's not just for when you're planning a trip to a one of  these regions though because...   EVEN IF YOU JUST WANT TO LEARN SOME CONVERSATIONAL FOREIGN PHRASES TO COMMUNICATE WITH FRIENDS OR CO-WORKERS THESE GUIDES WILL HELP YOU!  THESE GUIDES NORMALLY SELL FOR $.99 AND UP BUT WE ARE GIVING THEM TO YOU FREE WITH EVERY PURCHASE! THAT'S AT LEAST AN $8.00 VALUE! ELSEWHERE THIS COURSE IS SELLING FOR A $100.00 OR MORE! BUY NOW AS THIS DEAL MAY NOT LAST LONG! SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Windows 98/NT/Me/2000/XP CD-ROM Drive ADOBE ACROBAT REQUIRED TO READ OR PRINT MOST MANUALS. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ADOBE READER IT IS INCLUDED ON THE DISK FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. THIS IS A DISKS TO THE HIGHEST QUALITY. DISK'S COME WITH NO FRILLS. THEY'RE JUST A SET OF PLAIN DISKS IN A PAPER SLEEVE WITH ULTIMATE QUALITY CONTENT. THEY WILL PLAY ON A COMPUTER WITH THE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS AS STATED ABOVE. NO PHYSICAL TEXT MANUALS ARE BEING OFFERED OR SENT. ALL TEXT MATERIALS ARE IN PDF (PORTABLE DOCUMENT FORMAT) FORMAT. ALL MATERIALS ARE INCLUDED ON THE DISK. NO DOWNLOADS ARE NECESSARY.   All material is either in the public domain or I have resell rights. No copyrights are infringed. The Ultimate LANGUAGE LEARNING COLLECTION DISKS ARE copyright 1997-2007 and may not be reproduced, copied or resold under any circumstances. Includes the Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing manuals if necessary. Absolutely no bids or sales to Language Course Sellers/Dealers or Affiliates. Auction or Sales Policy:: Your bid or purchase is a contract - Place a bid only if you're serious about buying the item. If you are the winning bidder, you will enter into a legally binding contract to purchase the item. If the seller is unable to establish contact with the winning bidder within 3 days of the end of the auction or if payment is not received within 5 days, item may be offered to the next highest bidder or relisted at the sellers sole discretion. 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