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Ultimate Pulp Magazine Collection - Comics
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This is for an EComic Book collection on 20 Disc, Excellent Quality.
Dvds Come in paper sleeves.

Includes the Comic Book Viewers

The Ultimate Pulp Magazine Collection

3000+ Pulp Magazines on 20 Dvd - 80 gigs worth!
A sample of what is included:
10 Story Book v33n01 (1934-07.10.Ten Story)
10 Story Western v41n01 (1949-12.Popular) (c2c)
Aboriginal Science Fiction 012 (1988-11&12.Absolute)
Adventure v092n04 (1935-6-15.Popular)
Adventure v121n01 (1949-05.Popular) (c2c)
All Western (1950-04.Dell) (c2c)
Amazing Stories Quarterly v01n01 (1928-Winter.Experimenter)
Amazing Stories Quarterly v01n02 (1928-Spring.Experimenter)
Amazing Stories Quarterly v01n03 (1928-Summer.Experimenter)
Amazing Stories Quarterly v01n04 (1928-Winter.Experimenter)
Amazing Stories Quarterly v02n04 (1929-Fall.Experimenter)
Amazing Stories Quarterly v04n01 (1930-Winter.Teck)
Amazing Stories Quarterly v04n04 (1931-09.Teck) (c2c)
Amazing Stories Quarterly v06n04 (1933-05.Teck) (missing bc)
Amazing Stories v01n01 (1926-04.Experimenter) (c2c)
Amazing Stories v02n08 (1927-11.Experimenter) (ifc)
Amazing Stories v02n11 (1928-02.Teck) (missing back cover)
Amazing Stories v03n05 (1928-08) (Buck Rogers Armageddon 2419 AD only)
Amazing Stories v03n12 (1929-03) (Buck Rogers The Airlords Of Han only)
Amazing Stories v04n04 (1929-07.Experimenter) (ic)
Amazing Stories v04n05 (1929-08.Experimenter) (c2c)
Amazing Stories v07n01 (1932-04.Teck) (c2c)
Amazing Stories v07n07 (1932-10.Teck) (c2c)
Amazing Stories v09n01 (1934-05.Teck)
Amazing Stories v09n02 (1934-06.Teck)
Amazing Stories v09n03 (1934-07.Teck)
Amazing Stories v09n04 (1934-08.Teck)
Amazing Stories v12n07 (1938-12.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v12n07 (1938-12.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v13n01 (1939-01.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v13n02 (1939-02.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v13n07 (1939-07.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v13n12 (1939-12.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v14n02 (1940-02.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v14n04 (1940-04.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v14n06 (1940-06.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v14n07(1940-7.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v14n08 (1940-08.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v14n09 (1940-09.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v14n10 (1940-10.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v14n12 (1940-12.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v15n01 (1941-01.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v15n02 (1941-02.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v15n04 (1941-04.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v15n05 (1941-05.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v15n06 (1941-06.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v15n07 (1941-07.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v15n08 (1941-08.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v15n09 (1941-09.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v15n10 (1941-10.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v15n11 (1941-11.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v15n12 (1941-12.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v16n01 (1942-01.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v16n05 (1942-05.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v16n06 (1942-06.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v16n07 (1942-07.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v16n08 (1942-08.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v16n09 (1942-09.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v16n11 (1942-11.Ziff-Davis) (missing ibc)
Amazing Stories v16n12 (1942-12.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v17n01 (1943-01.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v17n03 (1943-03.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v17n04 (1943-04.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v17n05 (1943-05.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v17n06 (1943-06.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v17n08 (1943-08.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v17n10 (1943-11.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v18n01(1944-01.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v18n02 (1944-03.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v21n07 (1947-07.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v22n12 (1948-12.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v23n02 (1949-02.Ziff-Davis) (c2c)
Amazing Stories v23n07 (1949-09.Ziff-Davis) (c2c)
Amazing Stories v26n01 (1952.01.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v26n11 (1952-11.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v27n06 (1953-08&09.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v28n01 (1954-03.Ziff-Davis) (c2c)
Amazing Stories v36n07 (1962-07.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v37n09 (1963.09.Ziff-Davis)
Amazing Stories v68n09 (1994-Winter.TSR)
Analog v066n02 (1960-10)
Analog v073n01 (1964-03.CondeNast)
Analog v093n03 (1974-04)
Analog v093n04 (1974-05)
Analog v71n03 (1963-05.Conde Nast)
Analog v71n04 (1963-06.Conde Nast)
Analog v71n05 (1963-07.Conde Nast)
Analog v71n06 (1963-08.Conde Nast)
Analog v72n01 (1963-09.Conde Nast)
Argosy All-Story Weekly v146n04 (1922-10-21.Munsey)
Argosy All-Story Weekly v146n05 (1922-10-28.Munsey)
Argosy All-Story Weekly v146n06 (1922-11-04.Munsey)
Argosy All-Story Weekly v147n01 (1922-11-11.Munsey)
Argosy All-Story Weekly v147n02 (1922-11-18.Munsey)
Argosy All-Story Weekly v197n06 (1928-09-15.Munsey) (ic)
Argosy v306n01 (1941-03-01.Munsey)
Argosy v306n02 (1941-03-08.Munsey)
Argosy v306n03 (1941-03-15.Munsey)
Argosy v306n04 (1941-03-22.Munsey)
Argosy v306n05 (1941-03-29.Munsey)
Argosy v307n01 (1941-04-12.Munsey)
Astounding Science Fiction v39n06 (1947-08.Street&Smith)
Astounding Science Fiction v40n01 (1947-09.Street&Smith)
Astounding Science Fiction v40n02 (1947-10.Street&Smith)
Astounding Science Fiction v40n06 (1948-02.Street&Smith)
Astounding Science Fiction v46n04 (1950-12.Street & Smith)
Astounding Science Fiction v46n06 (1951-02.Street & Smith)
Astounding Science Fiction v47n06 (1951-08.Street & Smith)
Astounding Science-Fiction v21n06 (1938-08.Street&Smith)
Astounding Science-Fiction v26n02 (1940-10.Street&Smith) (misappear)
Astounding Science-Fiction v27n01 (1941-03.Street&Smith) (missing pgs.5,6,backcovers)
Astounding Science-Fiction v27n06 (1941-08.Street&Smith)
Astounding Science-Fiction v28n02 (1941-10.Street&Smith)
Astounding Science-Fiction v28n06 (1941-12.Street&Smith) (missing pgs.7,8,backcovers)
Astounding Science-Fiction v29n03 (1942-05) (needs hi-res cover)
Astounding Science-Fiction v30n05 (1943-01.Street & Smith) (c2c)
Astounding Science-Fiction v31n02 (1943-04.Street & Smith) (v1.0)
Astounding Science-Fiction v36n06 (1946-02.Street&Smith)
Astounding Stories v09n02 (1932-02.Street&Smith)
Astounding Stories v14n04 (1935-06.Street&Smith)
Astounding Stories v14n05 (1935-01.Street & Smith)
Astounding Stories v16n05 (1936-01.Street&Smith)
Astounding v11n07 (1955-07.Street & Smith)
Astounding v25n01 (1940-03.Street & Smith)(v1.0)
Astounding v27n04 (1941-06.Street & Smith)(v1.0)
Astounding v31n01 (1943-03.Street & Smith)(v1.0)
Astounding v37n01 (1946-03.Street & Smith)
Astounding v37n02 (1946-04.Street & Smith)
Astounding v37n03 (1946-05.Street & Smith)
Astounding v39n02 (1947-04.Street & Smith)(v1.0)
Astounding v39n03 (1947-05.Street & Smith)(B&W)(v1.0)
Astounding v39n03 (1947-05.Street & Smith)(B&W)(v1.0)
Astounding v39n03 (1947-05.Street & Smith)(CLR)(v1.0)
Astounding v39n04 (1947-06.Street & Smith)(B&W)(v1.0)
Astounding v39n04 (1947-06.Street & Smith)(CLR)(v1.0)
Astounding v39n05 (1947-07.Street & Smith)(B&W)(v1.0)
Astounding v39n05 (1947-07.Street & Smith)(CLR)(v1.0)
Aurealis n01 (1990.Chimaera)
Avon Fantasy Reader 12 (1950)
Avon Fantasy Reader 14 (1950)
Avon Fantasy Reader 15 (1951)
Avon Fantasy Reader 17 (1951)
Avon Science Fiction Reader 01 (1951.Avon)
Avon Science Fiction Reader 03 (1952.Avon)
Bardic Runes 08 (1994.Grihlih-hih Glyphics)
Big Book Western v08n03 (1940-10.Popular) (damaged fc,missing bc)
Black Book Detective v12n01 (1941-01.Better) (c2c) (FIXED)
Black Book Detective v22n03 (1947-06.Hanos reprint)
Captain Future v02n02 (1941-Winter.Better)
Captain Future v05n01 (1942-Winter.Better)
Complete Cowboy v03n02 (1941-10.Columbia)
Cosmic Stories v01n03 (1941-07.Albing) ( v1.0)
Cosmos v01n01 (1977-05.Doubleday)
Coven 13 v01n01 (1969-09)
Coven 13 v01n02 (1969-11)
Coven 13 v01n03 (1970-01.Camelot)
Coven 13 v01n04 (1970-03.Camelot)
Crack Detective Stories v10n02 (1949-05.columbia)
Crack Detective v04n02 (1943-03.Columbia) (c2c)
Crime Fiction Stories v01n01 (1950-12.Culture) (c2c)
Detective Fiction Weekly v118n03 (1938-03-19.Red Star)
Detective Story v156n01 (1938-05.Street&Smith)
Dime Mystery v17n1 (1938-4.Popular) (missing ifc)
Dynamic Science Stories v01n01 (1939-02.Red Circle)
Dynamic Science Stories v01n02 (1939-05.Red Circle) (c2c)
Exciting Western v12n01 (1946-08.Better) (ic)
Exciting Western v12n03 (1947-01.Better) (ic)
Exciting Western v14n01 (1947-09.Better) (c2c)
Famous Fantastic Mysteries v01n03 (1939-12.Munsey)(missing fc)
Famous Fantastic Mysteries v01n03 (1939-12.Munsey)
Famous Fantastic Mysteries v01n04 (1940-01.Munsey)
Famous Fantastic Mysteries v01n05 (1940-02.Musney)
Famous Fantastic Mysteries v03n04 (1941-10.Munsey) (c2c)
Fanciful Tales Of Time And Space v01n01 (1936-Fall.Shepherd & Wollheim)
Fantastic Adventures v01n04 (1939-11.Ziff-Davis) (missing ifc)
Fantastic Adventures v03n07 (1941-09.Ziff-Davis) (c2c)
Fantastic Adventures v04n12 (1942-12.Ziff-Davis) (c2c)
Fantastic Adventures v05n02 (1943-03.Ziff-Davis) (c2c)
Fantastic Adventures v09n05 (1947-09.Ziff-Davis)
Fantastic Adventures v10n01 (1948-01.Ziff-Davis) (c2c)
Fantastic Adventures v10n07 (1948-07.Ziff-Davis) (c2c)
Fantastic Adventures v11n06 (1949-06.Ziff-Davis)
Fantastic Adventures v12n01 (1950-01.Ziff-Davis)
Fantastic Adventures v12n02 (1950-02.Ziff-Davis)
Fantastic Novels v01n01 (1940-07.Munsey) (v1.0)
Fantastic Story v03n03 (1952-Spring.Better)
Fantastic Universe v08n03 (1957-09.King-Size) (c2c)
Fantastic Universe v11n03 (1959-05.King-Size)
Fantasy & Science Fiction v071n01 (1986.07)
Fantasy & Science Fiction v073n02 (1987.08)
Fantasy & Science Fiction v073n03 (1987.09)
Fantasy Book v01n04 (1948.Fantasy)
Fight Stories v09n06 (1949-Fall.FictionHouse)
Future Science Fiction v02n04 (1951-11.Columbia)
Future v02n02 (1941-12.Columbia) (ic)
G-8 and His Battle Aces 1943-12 v27n03
Galaxy v01n01 (1950-10.WorldEditions)
Galaxy v01n02 (1950-11.WorldEditions)
Galaxy v01n03 (1950-12.World Editions)
Galaxy v05n01 (1952-10.Guinn)
Gay Life Stories v01n02 (c.1939.Eagle)
Ghost Stories v02n01 (1927-01.McFadden) (c2c)
Hollywood Nights (3rd series) v01n02 (1937-05.Detinuer Publishing) (c2c)
If - Worlds Of Science Fiction v01n01 (1952.03) (v1.2)
If - Worlds Of Science Fiction v01n02 (1952.05) (v1.0)
If - Worlds Of Science Fiction v03n02 (1954.04) (v1.0)
Imagination v02n02 (1951-04.Grenleaf)
Imagination v02n05 (1951-11.Greenleaf)
Imagination v05n05 (1954-05.Greenleaf)
Imagination v09n02 (1958-04.Greenleaf)
Interzone 068 (1993-02)
Interzone 086 (1994-08.Interzone)
Jungle Stories v04n11 (1950-Summer.FictionHouse)
Killer By Night - Scientific Thriller Series (1951.Transport)
Love Story v105n05 (1934-03-10.Street&Smith)
Mammoth Adventure v01n03 (1946-11.Ziff-Davis)
Marvel Science Stories v01n01 (1938-08.Red Circle) (nbc)
Marvel Science Stories v03n01 (1950-11.Stadium) (c2c)
Masked Rider Western v17n02 (1945-12.Better) (c2c)
Masked Rider Western v28n03 (1950-11.Better) (c2c)
New Worlds v02n05 (1949) (v1.0)
New Worlds v03n09 (1951-Spring.Tompkin) (v1.0)
New Worlds v47n141 (1964-04.Nova)
Night Life Tales v01n19 (c.1940)
Other Worlds v01n04 (1950-05.Clark)
Other Worlds v02n01 (1950-07.Clark)
Other Worlds v02n02 (1950-09.Clark)
Out of This World Adventures v01n01 (1950-07.Avon) (c2c)
Out of This World Adventures v01n02 (1950-12.Avon) (c2c)
Pattern For Conquest (from Astounding v37n01-03) (1946-03) (compilation)
Pep Stories v11n04(1932-04.Narvel)
Planet Stories v01n01 (1939-11.Fiction House)
Planet Stories v02n08 (1944-Fall.Fiction House)
Planet Stories v04n12 (1951-05.Fiction House) (coverless) (v1.0)
Planet Stories v05n09 (1952-11.Fiction House)
Railroad Stories v16n03 (1935-02.Munsey) (c2c)
Railroad Stories v17n01 (1935-04) (153 pages)
Railroad Stories v17n01 (1935-04.Munsey)(tweaked)
Saturn Science Fiction And Fantasy v01n05 (1958.03)
Science Fantasy v05n13 (1955)
Science Fiction Adventures 024 (1962.Nova)
Science Fiction Monthly v02n07 (1975.NewEnglishLibrary) (posters only)
Science Fiction Monthly v02n07 (1975.NewEnglishLibrary)
Science Fiction Plus v01n01 (1953-03.Gernsback)
Science Fiction Plus v01n06 (1953-10.Gernsback)
Science Fiction Plus v01n07 (1953-12.Gernsback)
Science Fiction Quarterly n06 (1942-Spring.Columbia)
Science Fiction Quarterly v01n02 (1951-08.Columbia)
Science Fiction v01n01 (1939-03.BlueRibbon)
Science Fiction v01n02 (1939-06.Blue Ribbon) (c2c)
Science Wonder Stories v01n02 (1929-07.Stellar) c2c
Snappy v16n11 (1937-11.D.M. Publishing)
Spaceway v01n01 (1953-12.Fantasy)
Spicy-Adventure Stories v04n06 (1939-09.Culture) (c2c)
Startling Stories v01n01 (1939-01.Better) (c2c)
Startling Stories v02n03 (1939-11.Better) (missing back covers)
Startling Stories v06n03 (1941-11.Better) (c2c)
Startling Stories v14n01 (1946-06.Better) (c2c)
Startling Stories v14n03 (1947-01.Better) ic
Startling Stories v22n01 (1950-09.Better)
Startling Stories v23n01 (1951-03.Better) (c2c)
Startling Stories v32n03 (1955-Winter.Better)
Strange Adventures v01n01 (1946-11.Hamilton)
Strange Adventures v01n02 (1947-02.Hamilton)
Strange Stories v01n02 (1939-04.Better) (c2c)
Sunday Novel v01n01 [1933-11-26.Detroit Free Press]
Sunday Novel v01n02 [1933-12-03.Detroit Free Press]
Super Science Stories v08n01 (1951-04.Popular)
Ten Detective Aces v32n01 (1938-03.Hersey) (needs fc-ifc)
Ten Detective Aces v51n04 (1945-11.Ace)
The Argosy v058n04 (1908-11.Munsey) (c2c)
The Black Cat n51 (1899-12)
The Black Cat v08n08 (1903-05.Shortstory)
The Blue Book Magazine v64n05 (1937-03.McCall)
The Frontier v04n02 (1926-05.Doubleday,Page & Co.)
The Haunt of Horror v1 001 (Marvel June 1973) (c2c)
The Haunt of Horror v1 002 (Marvel August 1973) (c2c)
The Shadow Magazine v03n05 (1932-11-01.Street & Smith)
The Shadow Magazine v06n05 (1933-08-01.Street&Smith)
The Star Weekly Novel - Ghost Ship (1960-12-17)
The Thrill Book v01n01 (1919-03-01.Street&Smith) (coverless,fiche) (re-edit)
The Thrill Book v01n01 (1919-03-01.Street&Smith) (coverless,fiche)
The Thrill Book v01n02 (1919-03-15.Street&Smith) (coverless,fiche)
The Thrill Book v01n02 (1919-03-15.Street&Smith) (printable facsimile) (8.5x11)
The Thrill Book v01n03 (1919-04-01.Street&Smith) (coverless,fiche)
The Thrill Book v01n04 (1919-04-15.Street&Smith) (coverless,fiche)
The Thrill Book v01n05 (1919-05-01.Street&Smith) (coverless,fiche)
The Thrill Book v01n06 (1919-05-15.Street&Smith) (coverless,fiche)
The Thrill Book v01n07 (1919-06-01.Street&Smith) (coverless,fiche)
The Thrill Book v02n01 (1919-07-01.Street&Smith) (fiche)
The Thriller v01n01 (1929-02)
The Thriller Weekly Library v503n19 (1938-09-24.Amalgamated)
The Unlatched Door (from All-Story Weekly v107n04-n08) (1920-03-06) (plus Nan Russell - Investigatrix) (compilation)
Thrilling Wonder Stories v09n01 (1937-02.Beacon) (c2c)
Thrilling Wonder Stories v10n03 (1937-12.Better) (c2c)
Thrilling Wonder Stories v13n03 (1939-06.Better)
Thrilling Wonder Stories v19n02 (1941-02.Better)
Thrilling Wonder Stories v24n02 (1943-06.Better)
Thrilling Wonder Stories v25n01 (1943-Fall.Standard)
Thrilling Wonder Stories v25n03 (1944-Spring.Standard) (c2c)
Thrilling Wonder Stories v27n03 (1945-Fall.Standard)
Thrilling Wonder Stories v30n03 (1947-08.Standard)
Thrilling Wonder Stories v31n02 (1947-12.Standard) (c2c)
Thrills Incorporated 01 (1950.03)
Thrills Incorporated 02 (1950.04) (National) (c2c)
Thrills Incorporated 17 (1951.11)
Uncanny Tales (1940-11.Adam)
Unearth v01n01 (1977-Winter.Unearth)
Unknown Worlds v07n02 (1943-08.Street & Smith)
Vanguard v01n01 (1958-06.Vanguard)
Weird Tales v36n02 (1941-11.WeirdTales)
Weird Tales v37n06 (1944-07.WeirdTales)
Weird Tales v38n03 (1945-09.AmericanNews)
Weird Tales v38n04 (1947-05.American News)
Western Story v184n02 (1940-07-27.Street&Smith)
Wonder Stories Quarterly v03n04 (1932-Summer.Stellar) (c2c)
Wonder Stories v02n07 (1930-12.Stellar)
Wonder Stories v02n08 (1931-01.Stellar)
Wonder Stories v02n12 (1931-05.Stellar)
Wonder Stories v07n07 (1936.02.Continental)
Wonder Story Annual v01n01 (1950.Thrilling)
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