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Ultimate Mugen 3016 Characters in ONE Game!!! for PC
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Dont let yourself fall into a bad business situations by buying from other people who are selling this same mugen.
If not copied the right way this game will give errors and will not be playable. So dont risk your money by buying from anyone else, who thought that they could just copy the contents of my discs, but never realized that the cant just be copied that easy. So once again, my copy is the best one, stable and with a hassle free installation...
This game works with the following operating systems:
(Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7)
This game is probably the ULTIMATE Mugen EVER
made...With a variety of 3016 Characters all in ONE game!!
If you don't know what mugen is heres a brief introduction;
MUGEN is a program that can emulate any character from any fighting
game EVER created!
With this huge advantage there's endless possibilities to
what can be created. Not only can more players be added but also
more stages, BG music, life bars and pretty much everything in the

You might find other Mugens being sold or maybe you have
compiled you own, but the fact is, You have stumbled across the
best most complete mugen EVER!!
This Mugen contains 3016
characters and a Huge selection of Stages as
well as music.
Experience the chance to pick you dream match
in this games everything goes!
If what you are worried about is the games-play then
DON'T because all the moves remain the same as if you were playing
the arcade version of the characters! This game has all the options
that you get in an original game like: 1 on 1, 2 on 2 , you can
even pick a party of 4!
Almost any pc or laptop can run this game. but here are the
recommended specs:

CPU speed= 1.6ghz
Hard Drive Space= 30GB
s free
Video card= 64mb
As you can see almost any computer can run this, even if your
computer is 10 years old you can run this awesome game!
What you get:
Two dvdrs with all the content.
Installation is a simple two-step process ( all you do
is decompress with the provided program)
The decompression can last up to 1 1/2 hour Thats how
massive this game is!!!

I will ship within One day after i get the payment
trough paypal or money order.
I do not
offer refunds but i will exchange bad DVDs
*This game is super easy to install, you will get a video tutorial on how to do it, its really just a two-step process*
Check out the Video

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