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Fish Stunner 16,800 W

Throw away your bait and purchase a fish shocker. Save yourself time and money, and catch your dream fish. There’s no need to set up a rod and reel, all you have to do is connect the wires and you’re good to go. The only thing you will need is a large enough net for your huge catch!

No needs for patience when using a fish stunner shocker- simply plug it in and away you go! Don’t you just hate them bottom dwellers that are rare to catch? The fish stunner shocker helps not only catch these fish but allows you to catch them when YOU want. No need to wait for you to go to the fish, the fish comes to you. You’re a fish magnet!
Fish Stunner 16,800 W specs:

Imput Voltage: 12V
Imput Curret: 150A
Ouput Voltage: 400-600V
Out Power: 2000W
Ouput Frequency: Impulse Voltage
Ouput Duration: 24A/2hours
Battery Life: No Battery
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