Item Description
This game is For PC (windows xp)I will ship the same day in most cases, if not then the second day for sure Are you ready for the Ultimate Fighting Game? If you think that Marvel Vs Capcom 2 is the best and only a Marvel Vs Capcom 3 can beat it, then think again. Mugen is a game that will take any fighting game out hands-down. You will get Two Mugens and three if you decide to get the all female mugen. I' am selling you my time and effort that i used to find all of these characters, i'am talking More than 2000 characters!!! which would take you probably more than 10 months to find all of them. OK IF YOU ARE STILL NOT CONVINCED AND YOU WANT ME TO GE MORE TECHNICAL OF HOW MUCH YOU ARE GETTING, LET ME TELL YOU THAT IF YOU WANT TO HAVE ALL OF THESE GAME IN YOU COMPUTER, IT WILL BE MORE THAN 30GB'S!!!!The best of this game is that you do not need a super good computer to run it, my computer specs are AMD turion1.6 Ghz, 512 MB RAM, 64 MB video memory, and it runs perfectly.Here is what you get in two DVD's:Mugen game with 575+ characters and over 400 stagesMugen game with 575+ charactersMortal Kombat Mugen 45 charactersDragon Ball Z Mugen 60 CharactersSet of 800 CharactersVideo Tutorial(optional) All female Mugen game You also get tools to add your own music,stages etc. You can Pick from characters from the following games:Street fighter seriesDragon Ball, DBZ, and DB GTMarioZeldaSaint SeiyaMagna CharacatersAnime DCMarvel Vs Capcom 1&2KOFSNKMetal SlugSimpsonsFamily Guyand many many more...I do not offer refunds but i do exchange.IF YOU WANT MORE SCREEN SHOTS CHECK THIS VIDEO OUT if you are 18 or older i have an all female Mugen with many sexy characters from many popular fighting games like the ones i listed above, but the game has a twist! if you want more info please feel free to contact me. I will also sell you this game if you want! For $5 extra you can include this game. shipping is $3, in the USA only