Item Description
UHC M9 US Military Heavy Airsoft Spring
Pistol Silver
Probably one of the most well known spring
handguns in airsoft history, the UHC M9 is one gun any true
airsofter needs to own in their lifetime.

Entered into service with the US Military in 1990, the M9 has
been the official sidearm of the US Army to present day. Its high
capacity magazine, moderately low recoil and impressive accuracy
made the M9 an ideal choice for service personnel.

The UHC M9 offers both looks and performance at an affordable
price. Unique details can be found on this pistol such as the U.S.
Military markings and serial number stamped into its slide and
frame. The pistol is well balanced and fits comfortably in your
hand. Its full size magazine holds an impressive 22 rounds and even
has the same basic shape and detail as the real M9’s

Performance is more than what you would expect from an
inexpensive pistol and rivals pistols twice its price range. Good
power combined with a solid barrel and fine tuned hop up system
allows this pistol to engage targets at over 30 yards away. If you
are planning on shooting outdoors it is suggested to go with .2g
BBs for best accuracy and range.
Please note:

Do not load more than the
maximum number of BBs into this pistols magazine. If this is done
the there will be increased resistance on the slide the first time
you cock the pistol which can break internal parts.
Operation: Spring
Fire mode/s: Manual cocking
Muzzle velocity: 285 fps w/ .12g, 210 fps w/
Effective range: 100 feet
Ammo type: .12g or .2g
Hop Up: Fixed
Weight: 2.25 lbs
Magazine capacity: 22 rds
Locking slide: No
Open ejection port: Yes
Length: 8.5 Inches
Comes with orange tip