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Since its release in early 2004 the new 1911 has proven to be the most reliable spring pistol UHC currently makes. Whether you are on the target range or at the skirmish line the UHC 1911 will not let you down. The real steel 1911 was invented by John Browning nearly a century ago. However, it is still used today by elite military units and law enforcement agencies around the world. Its stopping power and proven reliability has made it the sidearm of choice among elite organizations such as the LAPD SWAT and the Marine Expeditionary Unit. The UHC 1911 authentically replicates this famous pistol with great detail. It features an open ejection port, textured metal trigger, working grip and thumb safety plus a highly detailed full size magazine. UHC is known for making great performing airsoft guns and the 1911 is no exception. It doesn’t take much effort to cock this pistol as its operation is smooth and the slide is easy to grip. Thanks to a solid barrel and superb hop up system the 1911 is surprisingly accurate and has impressive range. If you are planning on shooting outdoors it is suggested to go with .2g BBs for best accuracy and range. Operation: Spring Fire mode/s: Manual cocking Muzzle velocity: 260 fps w/ .12g, 200 fps w/ .2g Effective range: 100 feet Ammo type: .12g or .2g Hop Up: Fixed Weight: 1.25 lbs Magazine capacity: 22 rds Locking slide: No Open ejection port: Yes Length: 8.5 Inches Comes with orange tip