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Following the CB test twice in 12 years for many U.S. players and the media after the first contact and understanding of "human resource configurations" (English name "age of wushu") this works full of rich oriental flavor, "human resource configurations"was U.S. local time at 14:00 on the 10th (Beijing time at 5:00 on the 11th) formally launched. A few sets of new clothes line full of Western players for this Oriental martial arts showed great enthusiasm, the country also has some players choose fought in the rivers and lakes to the North American server, wherever they went hand in hand with Western players. The following provides a brief reference to provide the necessary support for the players want career in human resource North American rivers and lakes.
(1) Register
The Age of Wushu new players, through the following link to register, only registered local account in North America before landing in North America server.
Download and install Age of Wushu game client understand about this knight online experience.
3, create a role
White Tiger, Blue Dragon, Black Tortoise three groups of servers has been open. Note that the process of creating a role in the Age of Wushu true martial arts world, players can select one of eight martial art, but the eight kinds of martial art sent into different restrictions. For example, Shaolin only accept male role Emei only accept the role of women. So if you want to select the the Shaolin or Emei players of certain gender to create a role.


Age of four servers of Wushu Dragon, White Tiger, basalt, the Suzaku Fuguan silver and virtual goods exchange trading and sales.
Conversion rules:

Full service uniform price, $ 2.5 = 100L official silver, weapons, equipment, and Cheats game market face-to-face negotiations.

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I accept paypal and Western Union, shopping a message leave your server name and id game virtual goods exchange successful, we will Screenshots forensics, to confirm receipt, please give a decent rating, thank you