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Rare Italian - Spanish co production directed by Juan Logar and starring the wonderful Rosalba Neri as the unfaithful wife Alexa. A great claustrophobic thriller often mistaken for Italian Giallo. Wide screen print with English subtitles.Story about a young woman who marries the wealthy father of a university friend, but quickly falls in love with a younger man. The jilted husband hatches an unusual plan for revenge by framing the adulterous couple with his own murder and sealing them in a room in his isolated villa with his dead body. Since most of this movie takes place in a single location,the movie quickly becomes paranoid and claustrophobic as the young couple fall apart debating about what has happened and what to do about it. Directed with much flair by Juan Logar, this film thrives on the excellent performances of the three lead actors: Curd Jurgens as the betrayed husband is incredibly expressive and believable; Rosabla Neri, as the philandering Alexa, delivers her usual thoughtful performance and, in doing so, makes her potentially cardboard cut-out character multi-dimensional, and Juan Luis Galiardo, as Alexa'a heartthrob Pierre, also cares enough about his craft that he avoids the trappings of a potentially stereotypical character and, like Neri, makes him real and full of depth. Also in the cast is Eva Dormane, who very much looks like Spanish actress Emma Cohen, and she, too, is good, given her limited screen time. The film is enhanced by an excellent 70's soundtrack, and the claustrophobic set on which this feature was shot makes the viewer feel as trapped as the on screen characters. Flashback scenes and hallucinatory scenes are also well-used in the film. DVDR Will play on any DVD recorder / player manufactured since 2000. Free worldwide shipping included .