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TWINS OF EVIL (1971) Photobucket
Directed by John Hough

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Running time: 1:27:09 - Rated R - Dolby Digital Mono
Mastered in 1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
Progressive-encoded (24 frames per second)
Twins of Evil, Hammer's third entry in the Karnstein trilogy, stands as the most erotic and visually stimulating of all Hammer's films. Unavailable for many years in the United States as a result of claims that one of the actresses appearing disrobed was underaged, the film concerns two orphaned sisters who travel from 18th century Venice to the village of Karnstein as wards of their uncle. The village elders, led by Peter Cushing,practice a reign of terror against supposed witches- primarily single, young women, as a symbol of their frustration against the real evil and debauchery of Count Karnstein. Karstein, protected by the Emperor, spends his evenings attending mock satanic ceremonies in the attendance of nubile young peasant girls. However, he becomes increasingly bored and finally raises the spirit of the long dead carmilla Karnstein who transforms him into a vampire. It is here that the real evil begins. Twins of Evil is fascinating for a number of reasons. Unlike its predecessors- Lust for a Vampire and The Vampire Lovers- Twins of Evil captures the tension between the 18th century Age of Enlightenment and a refusal to let go of superstitions deeply rooted in the history of Europe. Furthermore it pits the tyranny of European monarchies against that of religious fanaticism.Cushing is outstanding as Gustav Vile, as he is tortured by his helplessness against Karnstein and his desire to see God's will done. Cushing had lost his wife prior to the shooting of the film and his greif is evident in the film adding to the darkness and angst of Cushing's character. Lastly, Hammer's use of the Collinson twins adds to the visual beauty of the film juxtaposed against vivid scenes of violence. As a lover of the Hammer genre I quickly snatched this film into my possession and it certainly belongs in the collection of any true horror fan.
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