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Age Silver Age (1956 1969)
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Genre Film &Amp; Tv
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This is the TV21 dvd rom collection to beat them all.
More TV21 issues than any other seller.
This is a superb collection of classic TV Century 21 comics, specials and annuals and the software required to read it all
This collection gives you :
Issues 1-199 complete of TV21 including 8 colour stills of the issue 1 free gift - The Identicode, with a further 17 issues up to the final issue 242.
Then TV21 merged with Joe 90 and "TV21 & Joe 90" started from issue 1 again.
Also included in this megaset are all 105 issues of TV21 & Joe 90 going way beyond the point when the comic became simply TV21 again.

After issue 105 the comic then merged with Valiant and the first issue of the new merged edition is also included.
So thats an incredible 323 TV21 issues for your collection.
And there's even more :
Captain Scarlet Spectrum File (free with issue 155)
Complete run of TV21 Annuals from 1966 to 1973 (all PDF)
6 Specials all in PDF format:
1965 Thunderbirds Extra
1965 International Extra
1965 Summer Extra
1966 Thunderbirds Are Go 52 page photo special on the "new" movie
1966 Summer Extra
1967 Spring Extra

Full colour printed disc artwork of a TV Century 21 cover makes this a presentable attractive item more than suitable as a gift.
Issues 1-156 are in the CBR format - software included . The rest of the contents are PDF.
Some publications include watermarks to deter copying.