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Stubby Pringle's Christmas 1978 Hallmark TV
This is the uncut version not the cut version that aired in 1982

I think other seller bought from me... but don't know what happened to his poor video quality as he admits as mine is a 9-9 1/2!!!

I laser print art work on labels I do not use paper labels like other sellers that get caught in you DVD player so buyers beware
(Hallmark Hall of Fame TV)
Stars:Beau Bridges, Julie Harris and Edward Binns
This Classic Hallmark movie originally aired Dec 17, 1978
on NBC and was never released on video

Stubby Pringle's Christmas is about a young cowboy who
discovers that the joy Christmas is in the giving, rather than the receiving. At first, Stubby(Beau Bridges) appears to be a bit self-centered, but his
experiences on one Christmas eve change him forever. His chance meeting with Georgia Henderson(Julie Harris)while on his way to a Christmas dance is the catalyst for this change. Old Hollander(Strother Martin)and Red(Edward Binns),as Stubby's bunk mates on the ranch, provide both comic touches and tender moments. All the actors give stellar
performances. Also, broadway actress/singer Terri Homberg
provides a beautiful traditional Christmas carol as entertainment at the
Christmas dance. This is a first class Christmas show.

It is unfortunate that neither video or DVD is commercially available with the best quality available anywhere ( EXCEPT FROM ME HERE AND NOW)
the story appeals primarily to young adults/adults than to children. It is
not your typical Christmas show with lots of fake snow, decorations and Santa Claus. Lastly, this show does differ somewhat from the book
by Jack Schaefer, although the book is very good, it is not a substitute for
this great Christmas program.

Menu with chapter selections included

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