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Create Giant Posters From Digital Photos & Media


You don't have to be a Technical Wiz Kid to use this software. Unlike similar software the interface is very user friendly and intuitive

  • Great for Special Occasions & Parties

  • Retail & Small Business Advertising

  • Personal And Business Projects & Presentations

An easy to use, wizard like user interface guides through 5 simple steps to amazing posters.

  • This is a 100% Legal FULLY FUNCTIONAL software that can be installed on as many computers as you wish

Our CD's & DVD's are professionally published and will last a lifetime GUARANTEED!!

Please Note: The above photo is for illustration only and the software will ship in a paper sleeve. Below are actual screenshots of the software you will receive.

"Splits up any image into several sheets of paper, enabling you to print them out and then build a poster as large as you want it to be."

Input image formats


Image types

Software can handle the following image color types:

Monochrome, Grayscale, 4 Bit palette, 8 Bit palette, 24 Bit RGB, 48 Bit RGB (only via TIFF and PNG), 32 Bit CMYK (only via TIFF)

32 Bit RGBA images can be loaded, but are transformed to 24 Bit RGB by "merging" them with a white background.

Dimension Units

m, mm, cm, inch, ft, pt(72th inch)

Printer page layout

The page size and orientation of the printer where the poster will be printed can be set manually or selected one from the following list of predefined formats:

DIN A4, DIN A3, Legal, Letter, Tabloid

The size limit for one page is 5 meters (16.4 feet), which is the maximum that PDF allows.

Poster size

The size of the final poster can be set one of these three ways:

Absolute image size:

You want to have a specific size of your poster

Size in Pages:

You want to use whole paper sheets and specify how many of them of them you want to use

Image Size in percent:

Your input image has a certain size which is defined by the number of pixels and dpi (dots per Inch) and your want to scale the image by a certain factor.

The final size of the poster is theoretically unlimited. Let's say it this way: it is less limited that the ink of your printer ;)

It is possible to select the alignment of the image on the total paper. This is useful if you want to keep the unused paper.

Image tile overlapping

For a bigger tolerance when cutting spare paper borders and for easier pasting, an overlapping width and height of an image tile over the next can be set.

PDF output

The PDF output is implemented with the maximum image quality and a good compression in mind. A source image is embedded once in the PDF document and referenced from every tile page. Image color types remain unchanged. As compression method, the PDF "FlateDecode filter" (zip) is used. If a Jpeg image is used as input it gets directly embedded into the document without recompression. The PDF version is 1.4, so any Acrobat Reader version 4 and higher should be able to read the resulting document.

This software will do virtually anything the expensive programs will do. The main difference is the amount of marketing dollars spent to advertise the competitors software drives the price through the roof. If you compare the actual functions of both programs you will see how similar they really are.

As with all of our software this is licensed to be installed on as many computers as you wish.

All of our software is extensively tested and guaranteed to be 100% virus and malware free


Q. Is this a trial or the full version? Is there any product key to use this software?

A.This is the full version which also comes with free updates. No product key is required.

Q. Is this a stand-alone program or do I need any other progams to use this (including Microsoft Office®)?

A. This program can run completely by itself as long as the basic requirements are met above.

Q. Can this be installed on multiple PC's? Commercially?

A. Yes. Even in commercial environments and offices.

Q. Does this software include support?

A. Yes, We offer support through the e-Bay message system and by phone if necessary.

Why Buy From Us?

Simple.....We offer high quality, full feature software on high quality media. PROFESSIONALLY PRODUCED using state of the art equipment at rock bottom prices. All of our items are sealed in shipping sleeves to ensure quality and will have professionally designed cover art (Not Sticky Labels Like Our Competitors). Couple that with our 100% Guarantee against DOA Shipments and Guaranteed Delivery and you will see why we are the premier software company on eBay.

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