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Oh boy... where to start with this one? For those of you who already know what this movie is, no introduction is needed. For those who don't, however, prepare to be astonished! I have honestly never met anyone who has seen this movie that can't help but to bust into laughter upon the mention of its name. This is a prime example of what can be achieved despite (or because of) having absolutely no money or resources to make a film. Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam, (literally "The Man Who Saves the World") is a Turkish production made during a strange period of upheaval following a quasi-fascist government coup which adversely affected economic conditions in Turkey. It was this fire in which Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam was forged, which sought to cash-in on the formula George Lucas had used for Star Wars. The film has become legendary for it's wacky plot, frantic action sequences, hilarious dialog, and most famously the unauthorized use of footage from a number of other films, most prominently clips culled from Star Wars. The entire soundtrack is also lifted from other films, most noticeably Raiders of the Lost Ark.

This is one of those very special movies in which you have to stop and think for a little bit in order to take in everything you just saw. The pace is so frantic, the editing so odd, the monotone Turkish voices so constant, and the iconic soundtracks and imagery used so hilariously inappropriately, it all combines to induce some sort of delirium on the human brain that takes a while to wear off. I don't advise watching this film while sober or alone. This screams to be watched with friends and a few beers. It is a guaranteed laugh riot that none of you will ever forget. As for the plot... you get a narration about space travel with a mix of Russian stock footage, clips from other movies and a lot of Star Wars footage all mashed together to visualize man's history of space travel. The Earth looks like the Death Star because its shielded from aliens by human brain powers or something. We then get our two heroes who crash on a desert planet and roam around trying to find a magic sword and a human brain in order to stop an evil space wizard from destroying the Earth via use of human brain powers. Numerous bizarre action sequences, one leading right into the other, are scattered throughout with the Indiana Jones soundtrack used over and over.

TIME: 90min
LANGUAGE: Turkish with Engrish subtitles
PLEASE NOTE: THIS PRODUCTION HAS NEVER BEEN AVAILABLE ON DVD AND IS NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES. This movie was released in Turkey with no copyright. This film comes with interactive menus and packaging designed by myself. All files used in the production of this DVD are not in violation of copyright laws or guidelines.