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There will never be anything to surpass the raw power that the Turbonique turbines  provided .
A typical gas turbine is only 50% efficient. Power from the turbine is diverted to the compressor to drive in more air and keep the fuel air mix burning. Turbonique engineers side stepped this by using a monopropellent and doing away with the compressor, 100% power is transmitted to the driveshaft.
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 Up for auction is a CD containing Turbonique Technical Manual (Adobe Acrobat file) 4 patents and a video (mpeg , WAV and flash format) of Turbonique's products at work.  There is a wealth of information on their thrust engines like those used on the Formula-J go-karts, their Superchargers such as the C2, and also their FAMOUS DRAG AXLE setup, etc. The main technical manual contains over 100 pages of GREAT technical information including blueprint type pictures for various parts of their micro-turbine engines and updates.
 All Turbonique turbines were powered by 'Thermolene', a copyrighted trade name for the compound known chemically as N-propyl-nitrate. As a monopropellant, it's decomposition had to be initiated in an O2 environment, with spark. Once the reaction was initiated, the spark and O2 (NOT LOX) was turned off.
The powerful decomposition of N-propyl-nitrate would continue until the fuel supply was turned off. There are several updates on the use manufacture and substitution of Thermolene including MSDS sheets.
Also included are 4 patents taken by Turboniques founder Gene Middlebrooks, prior to forming Turbonique.
This catalog contains highly detailed diagrams such as the one pictured here.
Please note the picture has been scaled down.
Also included with this CD is a digitized version (PDF) of the
Science & Mechanics September 1963 article.
Finally the CD comes with a 6 minute promotional video. This video was created from an original 8mm film. Due to it's age some of the color and clarity has been lost. There's no soundtrack with this video. The original film was sold with a seperate sountrack in the form of a vinyl record. The latter I've not been able to find.
The film contains some impressive footage of a Turbonique powered gokart beatin a top fuel drag racer (see last frame below), all kinds of souped up vehicles, a jet powered boat (second frame), and a VTOL aircraft not shown in sequence below.