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Turbo Kick Round Choreography DVD, music CD and choreography notes. Discs are BRAND NEW in the Original Case!  ORIGINAL DVD/CD's and MUSIC. NOT COPIES.
I have quite a few to choose from, so ask, & I will let you know if I have it, & then I will list it. The pic is just that, a pic, as it's silly for me to take a pic of each Round.
 The music cd is from original artists.
This is the original TURBO KICK designed and created by CHALENE JOHNSON and is used for Turbokick Trainers, Teachers and Instructors. This is not a consumer version.  It is a RARE version of the INSIDE LOOK at INSTRUCTING TURBO KICK! This is a great item for current Turbo Kick instructors who would like to teach rounds. A great addition to your collection or a new beginning!
Created in 1997 by Chalene Johnson, Turbo Kick is the hottest kickboxing class around! This program is featured at over 20,000 different health clubs and fitness chains in the US and countries across the globe. It’s kickboxing and so much more!

Instructors - You’ll kick, punch and groove the calories away in this action-packed, super fun, super safe and effective cardiovascular workout, your students and gym members will love it.
Non Instuctors - Enjoy it for yourself!
Shipping & Handling price is for FIRST CLASS MAIL W\Delivery Confirmation {DC is automatic if paid via PayPal}; if you mail payment & want DC, pls add it in; please note there are two separate DVDs \ CDs being sent in the mailer, and I pack VERY well using bubble wrap, and a bubble mailer. 
As stated, I have many Rounds available; just ask, and I will list it for you. I even have an older one that is ONLY available on VHS! OK, I"ll tell is Round #5.
Item{s} comes from a smoke-free \ pet-free home.
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