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DVDR comes in a white media sleeve and does not contain any
artwork. This is a backup copy of the original DVD release,
featuring crisp video and THX audio. Your disc will be
shipped in a bubble mailer via USPS First Class Mail.

Quality: 10/10 (DVD Rip)

Plot Summary:

Kevin Flynn is a former employee of the
software corporation ENCOM, now
running a arcade. Flynn has been trying to hack into ENCOM's
mainframe computer to find evidence that ENCOM's senior executive
Ed Dillinger stole four video games he created. But Dillinger's
supercomputer "Master Control Program" foils Flynn's efforts and
dictates and controls most of the computer systems. One night,
Flynn's former girlfriend Lora and her boyfriend, ace computer
programmer Alan Bradley helps Flynn break into ENCOM to shut down
the MCP with Alan's security program "TRON". But MCP uses Lora's
matter transmission program and converts Flynn into data and sends
him into the computer. Flynn finds himself in a electronic world
ruled by the MCP and his evil chief henchman Sark, where computer
programs are the alter-egos of their creators and are forced to
compete in gladiatorial games. With help from Tron, a heroic and
fearless security program and his lover, Yori, Flynn sets out
destroy the MCP and help Tron liberate the system from the MCP's
control, by destroying the MCP is Flynn's only way of returning to
the real world.