Item Description
This model is now out dated, there are several new models on the market including the Atmos RAW ( which will run herbs or oils all in one device)
Atmos Rx a.k.a. The Trippy Stick

**This stick is for oils only !
If you want the Dry Herbs stick, please check out the AtmosRAW in my other items its the NEW SHEEEEEET**

Pocket size concentrate vape system that delivers full clouds.
Completely reliable, easy to use and simple to take anywhere.
Push button ignition system and digital thermostat make for simple fast and consistant pulls. Has a blue led light on the tip and a white led on the ignition button. Charges usb style and fits comfortably in your pocket like a writting pen.
These things are absolutely mind blowing and can truly deliver, please check out any videos on you tube just type in trippy stick and watch any of them.

AtmosRx™ Electronic Vaporizer kit includes:
1 Premium AtmosRx™ Vaporizer Lithium Ion Battery
1 Portable AtmosRx™ Wall Charger
1 Portable AtmosRx™ USB Charger
1 Cone Adapter for AtmosRx™ Vaporizer
1 AtmosRx™ Vaporizer User Manual
2 Empty Refillable Cartomizers**
** Comes with 2 Cartomizer Cartridges ( Dry Cotton wad ready to be filled with the flavors of your choice )
Single Cartomizer holds 2.0g of liquid for up to 130 to 180 puffs.
****Works best with a 1.3g fill = it will go 120+ full rips strong,, i have tested this method numerous times and i get the same results everytime..

Comes fully charged upon delivery and all you need to do is load and fill your carts.


By purchasing this product you agree that you are (1) AT
LEAST 18 years of age (2) Recognize that these pipes are intended
for tobacco use only or display purposes (3) You have reviewed
your local laws regarding these tobacco related products.

If you dont understand the 3 terms above please do not purchase.

If necessary please be prepared to prove any of these terms.