Item Description
A space age version of "Treasure Island". Instead of ships, there are spaceships, and instead of an island, there is a planet. This version also includes androids, laser weapons and skeletal remains of colossal space beasts.   It is Directed by Italian legend Anthony Margheriti and Stars Anthony Quinn, David Warbeck, Ernest Borgnine, Giovanni Lombardo Radice and many others.   This is not the cut down 90 minute version; it is the original 4 part 8 hour mini series that was aired on Italian television. The episodes are in English with burnt in Japanese Subtitles.   All four episodes are contained on four DVD’s. The DVD’s do not have artwork but they do have menus. The discs are NTSC – please ensure you can play them before bidding.   The quality is very good, both video and audio. The episodes have the full opening and closing credits and Part 2, 3 and 4 have teaser trailers.   Postage to the UK is free, Europe is $5 and US is $8.