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Trancers 1985 soundtrack score unreleased rare

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Track 1 Opening Credits
Track 2 Café Trancer
Track 3 Lost Angeles
Track 4 Whistler's Alive
Track 5 High Council
Track 6 You'll Be Transferred to His Body
Track 7 Council Ancestors
Track 8 Los Angeles 1985
Track 9 Deth vs Santa
Track 10 Don't Piss Me Off
11 Whistler at the Mall [Unused]
Track 12 Trapped in a Tanning Room
Track 13 Long-Second Escape
Track 14 Chinatown
Track 15 Future Man - McNulty at the Door
Track 16 Back to Lena
Track 17 Jack Sees Whistler on TV
Track 18 Heading for the Factory
Track 19 Looking for Hap
Track 20 Police Approaching
Track 21 Trancer Cop
Track 22 Would You Kiss Me
Track 23 On the Run From Whistler
Track 24 Back to Chinatown
Track 25 You Love Me
Track 26 Deth Calls Whistler
Track 27 Confrontation on the Roof
Track 28 I'll See You in Hell
Track 29 I Kinda Like it Here
Track 30 End Credits