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This is for an UNRATED DVD from 2001, a French Collection, series starring some beautiful Euro actresses and actors, "Total Romance: Ultimate Games."

This movie is UNRATED

Can be watched in either French or English language (with optional subtitles)

Approximate Running Time: 1 HOUR 30 Minutes

"Total Romance: Ultimate Games”
Dangerous Liaisons Revisited! Martina and Andy are golden icons of the jet set whose game consists of winning and breaking as many hearts as possible, each trying to be more cruel and scheming than the other. One day, Martina realizes that one of her lovers has the audacity to leave her for a young, brainless virgin, Angie. So she gives Andy a vengeful assignment: to lead her new rival astray. Andy, however, has more ambitious plans: he proposes to seduce the prudish Christina, a young pianist whose musical talent is equaled only by her unwavering chastity. In frustration, Martina challenges Andy: if he succeeds, she will be his at last. But when Andy falls in love, the two seducing accomplices turn into ruthless rivals.

Alia De Angelis
Alexander Linqvist
Helene Neveu
Nathalie Raynal
Vera Morin
Alexandra Lewis
Irene Tellier
Nathalie Monduit
Alexandra Labrousse
Anna Journet
Scott Barck
David Masson
Mac Ruciole
Phillip Visconti
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DVD (as pictured) comes in a plain white sleeve