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 This is a huge collection of Service Repair & Troubleshoot Manuals for over 300 Toshiba models.

Plasma, LCD, Direct View, DLP, HDTV, TV-DVD Combos

Files are in PDF Format.

All this great information in 1 DVD

( requires a DVD drive to read, not a CD)


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Models Included in this DVD are:

Service Manual s Service Manuals Service Manuals Service Manuals Service Manuals Service Manuals Service Manuals Service Manuals
Model Model Model Model Model Model Model Model
13A21C  27AF45C 43VJ22P  57HX94 MD13N3 MD24FP1 SDV290 TLP451E
14AF43 27AF61  46H84 61A60 MD13N3P MD9DL1 SDV390 TLP451U
14DL74 27AFX54 46H84C 61A61 MD13N3R MD9DM1 SDV395 TLP650E
14VL43U 28MW7DB  46HM84 61H70 MD13P1C MD9DM1R TDPMT5 TLP650U
15DL15 28MW7DG  46HM94 61H71 MD13Q11 MD9DM3 TDPMT500 TLP651E
15DL72 32A41  50A11 61HX70 MD14FN1 MD9DN1P TDPMT8 TLP651U
15DL75 32AF42 50A50 62HM84 MD14FN1C MD9DN1R TDPS3 TLPB2C
15V11D  32AF62 50A60 62HM85  MD14FN1CR MD9DP1 TDPT3 TLPB2E
15V31F 32HF72 50A61 62HM94 MD14FN1CR MW20FM1 TLP780C TLPB2U
19A25 32HFX72 50H72 62HMX84 MD14FN1R MW20FM3 TLP780E TP61H95
20A45C 32HFX73 50H81 62HMX94 MD19N1 MW20FN1 TLP780U TP71H95
20AF46 32HL84 50H82 65H80 MD19N1P MW20FN1R TLP781C TXPX20
20AF46C 32HLX84 50HX70 65H81 MD19N1C MW20FN3 TLP781E TXPX21
20AR20 32ZD08B  51H83 65H82 MD19N1CP MW20FN3R TLP781U TXPB2
20AR21 32ZD08G  51H84 65H83 MD19N1R MW20FP1 TLPET1B TZ50V61
20AR30 32ZD26P 51H84C 65HM167  MD19N3 MW24FM1 TLPET1E
20AR31 34HF81  51H94 CF2665K MD20FL1 MW24FM1C TLPET1U
20DL74 36A41  51HX84 CF2666A MD20FL1C MW24FM3 TLPX10E
20DL75 36HF72 51HX94 CF3052B  MD20FL3 MW24FM5 TLPX10U
20HL86 36HFX72 52HM84 CN32G90 MD20FM1 MW24FN1 TLPX10Y
20HLK86 36HFX73 52HM85  CN36G95 MD20FM1C MW24FN3 TLPX11E
20VL43U 38D9UXA 52HM94 CN36H90 MD20FM1CR MW24FN3R TLPX11U
21N21N  38D9UXE 52HMX84 CX32H60 MD20FM1R MW24FP1 TLPX11Y
23HL84 38D9UXH 52HMX94 CX3583A MD20FM3 MW24FP3 TLPX20C
23HLV84 38D9UXM 55A60 CX3586A MD20FN1 MW27FN1 TLPX20E
24AF42  38D9UXR 55H70 DW56X91 MD20FN1C MW27FN1C TLPX20U
26HF14 40H80 55HX70 DW65X91 MD20FN1CR MW27FN1CR TLPX20Y
26HF84A 42DPC85  56H80 MD13M1 MD20FN1R MW27FN1R TLPX21C
26HL83 42HP84 57H83 MD13N1 MD20FN3 MW27FP1 TLPX21E
26HL84 42HPX84 57H84 MD13N1C MD20FN3R SDK220U TLPX21U
27A51  43H70 57H84C MD13N1CP MD20FP1C SDV280 TLPX21Y
27AF41  43H72 57H94 MD13N1P MD20P1 SDV280CA TLP450E
27AF45 43HX70 57HX84 MD13N1R MD20P1C SDV280UA TLP450U

Training Manuals Training Manuals Training Manuals Training Manuals
Model Model Model Model
26HL83 65H82 TP48E90 CX2078
26HL84 65H83 TP48G10 CX2088K
32HL83 65HDX82 TP50F50 CX2668
32HL84 65HX83 TP50F51 CX2765K
32HLX84 CF1311J TP50F60 CX2778
42H82 CF1922J TP50F61 CX2779K
42HDX82 CF2033J TP50F90 CX2786A
42HP83 CF2038 TP50G50 CX2788
42HP84 CF2044J TP50G60 CX2789K
42HPX84 CF2048 TP50G90 CX3088
44NHM84 CF2628 TP5288 CX3297K
46H83 CF2638 TP5288J CX3298K
46H84 CF2648 TP55C80 CX32C81
46HM84 CF2665K TP55C81 CX32E70
46HMX84 CF2728 TP55E50 CX35E60
46HX83 CF2758 TP55E51 CX35E70
46HX84 CF2768 TP55E80 CX35E81
50H82 CF2780A TP55E81 CZ2898
50HDX82 CF3048 TP55F80 CZ3299K
51H83 CF3063K TP55F81 PJ48C50
51H84 CF3063K TP55G60 PJ48C90
51HX83 CF3078 TP55G65 PJ55C80
51HX84 CF3264K TP55G90 TP4648
52HM84 CF3268K TP61E80 TP4688J
52HMX84 CF3278K TP61F80 TP48C50
57H82 CF3279K TP61F90 TP48C51
57H83 CF35E50 TP61G60 TP48C70
57H84 CN27E90 TP61G90 TP48C71
57HDX82 CN32E90 TP71G90 TP48C90
57HX83 CN35E15 TW40F80 TP48E50
57HX84 CN35E90 TW56D90 TP48E51
62HM84 CN35E95 TW56F80 TP48E60
62HMX84 CX2048K TW65G80 TP48E61