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This is for digital download of Topaz Labs Photoshop Plug-in

This works with Photoshop CS3/CS4/CS5

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Product Description

Topaz Adjust
is the
easiest way to make your photos pop. Adjust optimizes image
exposure, color, and detail strength for stunning image results.
Quality exposure adjustment in Photoshop is cumbersome and
sometimes frustrating. Topaz Adjust makes this process simple, fun,
and highly rewarding.

Topaz Simplify

creative simplification, art effects, and line accentuation for
easy one-of-a-kind art. In contrast to built-in artistic filters in
Photoshop, which are limited to certain specific effects, Topaz
Simplify creates a wide range of stunning artistic effects in a
simple, intuitive, but powerful interface.

Topaz Detail

full control and precision over all aspects of detail manipulation
without creating any edge artifacts or halos. Unlike Photoshop's
detail enhancement techniques, Topaz Detail effectively accentuates
three levels of detail without the slightest trace of artifacts or

Topaz DeNoise

offers a
complete noise reduction solution that removes far more noise and
preserves far more detail than other solutions. Noise reduction is
one of our core competencies, and DeNoise displays that
brilliantly. Use state-of-the-art noise reduction abilities to make
your formerly noisy photos clean, clear, and crisp.

Topaz ReMask

is the
fastest way to mask and extract your images. ReMask harnesses the
latest in image extraction technology to make masking intuitive and
powerful. Unlike Photoshop's sometimes clumsy and hard to use
extraction tools, Topaz ReMask makes photo extraction and masking
easy and sizzling fast

Topaz InFocus
is the
comprehensive solution for your sharpening and deblurring needs.
Infocus recovers lost detail, refines with micro-contrast
enhancement and restores clarity to blurry images. Unlike unsharp
masking, Topaz InFocus sharpens without distracting high-contrast

Topaz Clean

unique smoothing and edge stylizing capabilities not found anywhere
else. It can quickly add interesting flair to photos and can be
used to both smooth out detail and stylize edges. Use Topaz Clean
for exceptional results on portraits, weddings, and other people

Topaz DeJPEG

improves the quality of web images and other compressed photos.
Although Photoshop includes a simple JPEG fixer, it doesn't
preserve as much quality as possible. Topaz DeJPEG makes sure that
any compressed image looks as good as it possibly can.


Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
(32-bit and 64-bit)

at least 1GB RAM, preferably more.

with Adobe Photoshop CS3-CS5 (32-bit and 64-bit), Adobe Photoshop
Elements 6-9.

with PaintShop Pro, Photo Impact, Irfanview and Serif Photo

with Lightroom 2 and 3 via Topaz Fusion Express